World’s Longest Wedding Dress Train

Emma | 06 - 19 - 2021

Dynamite Products, a construction-based company in France, broke the Guinness record for the world’s longest wedding dress. The stunning white gown has an 8,095.40m (26,559.71ft) train and it is declared as the world’s longest wedding dress train. According to the Guinness World Record, the tail was long enough to cover Mount Everest (8,848m). The company said it took fifteen volunteers and two months to stitch the individual pieces of the train. 

Longest Wedding Dress Train 

The Guinness for the longest wedding dress train was given on 9th December 2017. The longest wedding dress train measuring was overseen by professional Christophe Dumont by Cabinet Caron- Briffault and Guinness World Record adjudicator presented the title to Dynamite Products. This title was achieved in Caudry, France, and the town is known for its production of lace. The Dynamic Projects and the Town of Caudry had previously achieved the Guinness World Record in 2006. The World’s longest wedding dress train was made with donated lace and it was later attached to the wedding dress using a decorative belt. This Guinness record was attempted as a part of an annual French fund-raising event Telethon 2017. The longest wedding dress train was later cut into segments and sold and the money was donated to charities.

World Longest Wedding Dress Veil 

The proud owner of the world’s longest wedding veil is Maria Paraskeva, a bride from Cyprus. The veil was measured at about 6,962.6m ( 22,843 ft 2.11). The veil is said to be longer than 63 football fields. The bride said that it was her childhood dream to break the World Record title for the longest wedding veil. The World’s longest wedding veil costs 4000 euros. Maria said that the difficult part was finding a factory that produces tulle rolls into veils. She finally found a company in Greece that met her professional standards. The factory took 3 months to complete and deliver the tulle rolls to Maria’s place. Later the pieces were joined in hand by professional tailors to create it as a full wedding veil. The measurement was taken in a school playground, 30 volunteers unrolled the veil from the truck. It took nearly 6 hours to distribute the veil to its full length. 

How Long Is the World's Longest Wedding Dress?
  • A. 8,094.40
  • B. 8,095.40
  • C. 9,094.40
  • D. 9,095.40


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