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World Tourism Day Was First Celebrated In?
Iceland Misses out on Europe’s First Female-Majority Parliament After Recount
Iceland’s celebration couldn’t last forever. Find everything about the majority female parliament.
German Elections 2021:Here’s What You Need to Know
German federal election 2021: will the Social Democrats (SPD) be the strongest party in the election?
Google Celebrates Its 23rd Birthday with a Special Doodle
Google’s turn 23. Let’s honor its birthday by learning Google’s history and its founders here.
All Saints Day 2021: Find the History and Significance
All saints’ day 2021: How much do you know the history of the Solemnity of All Saints? Find out here.
Amazing Facts About the Legend Melvin Van Peebles
How much do you know about the legendary filmmaker? Read and uncover everything about Melvin Van Peebles.
Gas Price Spike in the UK: Effects Consumers and Energy Firms
Why are gas prices soaring? There is an unprecedented crisis in the power sector in Uk. Find out here
Is It True That Human Thigh Bones Are Stronger than Concrete?
Do you know how strong a human bone is? Get to know about it yourself through our “strongest human thigh bone” trivia blog.
Global Crisis on Computer Chip Shortage!
What is going on with the computer chip shortage? Play our electrifying quiz to uncover more about chips and technology.
Interesting Facts About America You Should Know
Find interesting American history facts that most of the history books don't tell you
How is SaaS Different From Eaas?
Looking for the definition of SaaS and EaaS? Take our fun quiz to increase your knowledge.
Incredible Facts about Apple Clothing Line
Does Apple have a clothing line? Read on to find out vintage apple clothing and how it remained a failed business plan.
12 Things You Didn’t Know About Grey’s Anatomy Facts
Grey’s Anatomy has already reached 15 episodes and still, they are not planning to stop. Discover the amusing grey anatomy facts here
Electric Powered Airplane: Will History Be Rewritten?
Are electric-powered airplanes the future? Find out how they work and whether they will be commercialized with an engaging quiz.
Most Innovative Brands That Changed the World
Most innovative brands like google & amazon changed our life. Play our tech quiz to discover the business that changed our lives.
All You Need to Know about DevSecOps
DevSecOps is the amalgamation of two main aspects of computer science. Get to know what DevSecOps is.
Waipuhia Waterfall Will Leave You Amazed
Did you know? Waipuhia falls in Ohio, Hawaii flows upside down! Read on to know more about inverted waterfalls.
BTS-UN General Assembly 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know
BTS fans couldn’t be more proud after hearing BTS’s message. Find more about BTS-UN general assembly 2021.
UN General Assembly, President Speech at UNGA
The United States is ready to work together on global challenges. Learn about the US president's speech at UNGA.
Hidden Messages behind the Life of a Dollar Bill
Discover everything you need to know about the life of a dollar bill. Play our dollar bill material quiz to test your knowledge.
UN General Assembly 2021 Insights: What You Need to Know
The UNGA 76th session started now. Find everything about the UNGA general debate and state members' discussion
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