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Who appoints the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?
Top Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder
Do you know the famous rapper deals with bipolar disorder? Read along to find out about the celebrities with bipolar disorder.
Inside the Royal Life of Queen Elizabeth II
The queen accidentally introduced a new pet breed called “Dorgi”. Check out to know more about the life of Queen Elizabeth.
History of the Chandigarh Chair
Read along to know how the Chandigarh chair, which was piled as trash by the end of the streets, later made its way to the Kardashian
All You Need to Know About Mykonos
Why is everything in Mykonos painted red, blue, and green? Check out the blog to learn interesting facts about Mykonos island.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating History
The Oscar-winning actor, has also won controversies regarding his dating history. Read for Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history.
Netflix first movie
The first movie on Netflix contains numerous elements, including comedy, drama, fantasy, and horror. All the artists gave their best.
Life Lessons From F.R.I.E.N.D.S
The comedy of the Friends series is well-known, but it also taught us to view things differently. Keep reading to know more.
Archimedes and His Famous Inventions
The mathematician Archimedes is famous for his inventions. Here, we can see some interesting facts about him and his inventions.
Everything You Need to Know About Immortal Jellyfish
The older jellyfish have over 80 tentacles, which they use in hunting their prey. Read along to know about immortal jellyfish.
Cleopatra- Beauty Queen or Political Genius?
Cleopatra, a beautiful political genius, has left her imprints in both to indicate where she belongs. Here are some interesting facts
Unknown Inventions of Ancient Civilizations
Every civilization has its very own unique inventions. To know more about the history of ancient civilizations, check out the blog.
Everything You Should Know About the San Diego Comic Con 2022
From The Lord of the Rings to Avengers: Secret Wars, here are the interesting facts about Comic-Con 2022!
Most Listened to Podcasts
Click on to know which are the 10 Best Podcasts of 2021. What is the #1 podcast in the world? Let’s find out!
Autobiographies of sports personality
Every morning, you have two options: continue sleeping with your dreams or wake up and chase them.
5 Interesting Facts About Rainbows
Rainbow day is a special day. Everyone wishes to see it whenever it rises and shines. Learn more about rainbows' wonderful features.
Never-Known Facts About Top Gun: Maverick
From box-office to CGI, Top Gun: Maverick became an instant success in Hollywood! Here are some stunning facts about the action-hit!
All about Oat Milk
Delicious oat milk comes in a variety of flavors. For a better flavor, add some fruits.
Brown vs White Eggs
Myth:Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. Fact: There are no scientific facts to prove that one type is superior to the other.
Shakespearean Tragedy and Its Elements.
This blog talks in detail about the structure, characteristics, and elements of Shakespearean tragedy and its usage in plays.
History of Glue
What was the first glue made of? If you want to know the history of glue and its origin, then read on.
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