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Which American company’s headquarters are located at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, part of Silicon Valley?
Everything you need to know about Tonic water
Tonic water was developed by Britishers and popularized this bitter tasting drink. Check out some interesting facts about tonic water
Fascinating Facts About Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey is a famous British-era TV series for its gripping storyline. Here are some fun facts about this fan-favorite drama.
Fascinating Facts About the Wordle Game
What is Wordle? How did it become 2022’s instant hit? Here are some fun and fascinating facts about the Wordle game. Read along!
Best Drug Cartel Shows on OTT Platforms
Fan of drug mafia dramas? How well do you know these drug cartel shows on OTT platforms? Read and discover more through our quizzes!
Scientist entrepreneurs
Few scientists have become billionaires as a result of their inventions. Let’s look at some fascinating facts about them.
Top 10 Puzzle Game Apps
Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and chess are some games that stimulate your brain. Let's check out the best brain puzzle apps.
Fun facts about CODA (movie)
This Oscar-winning film was cast beautifully and broke several records. Let’s check out some interesting and funny facts about this m
Slugging –  Skincare Benefits and Disadvantages
Read along to know about slugging skincare benefits and disadvantages. Our quizzes make it even more fun to learn! Try them out!
Everything You Need To About Adam Neumann
Neuman from Israel is the chief executive of WeWork. Let’s check out the facts about the young billionaire.
Top 5 tech companies
New technologies are changing the present world’s vision. Let's check out the 5 top tech company's technologies and how they change l
Best First Lines from Novels
Probably the hardest part of writing a book is how to begin the story. Check out our pick of the best first lines from novels.
Internet Jargon and Slang Quiz – 2022
Did you know that dictionaries have started adding internet slang and jargons to their list? Read along to know more!
Quick Facts About Beat Poetry and Prose
Did you know that the Beta Generation set examples for the 1960s hippie culture in America? Read along to know more beat generation f
Top 5 Best Murakami Novels
Haruki novels are bestsellers that have been translated into 50 languages. Let’s dive into some interesting facts about his novels.
French Words and Phrases in English
Almost 45 percent of English words originated from old French. Let’s find those common French words and use them!
Top 4 Influential Women in Sports
Women are successful in every industry they enter. Check out the famous women in sports to know their determination and courage.
Guess These Old TV Ads – Quiz
Take up our ‘guess the ad - picture quiz’ and test your knowledge on brands, taglines, and more. Sign up and enjoy free knowledge-ind
Famous Movies and Plays on Vincent van Gogh’s Life
Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who was famous for his post-impressionist works. Check out the best movies about Vincent van Gog
Can You Find These Famous Places in France?
France is admired by people throughout the world for its unique and stunning places. Find out more about these places with the quiz!
Flags of 15 Different Countries that one should know
The top country flags and the values and beliefs they hold differ for every nation. Check out the flags of 15 different countries.
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