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Which woman laurete won the Nobel Peace Prize this year?
Who Was the First American in Space? Find out His Space Journey
How much do you know about the first man in space in the USA? Take our engaging quiz to expand your knowledge.
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How much do you know about the Hurricane naming system? Participate in our interesting Hurricane name system quiz now.
Nobel Prize Winners 2021: Here’s the Complete Winner List
Do you know who won the Nobel Prize 2021? Read on to find out the Nobel Prize 2021 winners list.
Top 5 Safest Places in the World to Plan Your Next Trip
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Weird Laws in Connecticut That Are Actually on the Books
Challenge yourself with our fun, weird laws in Connecticut to prove that you are knowledgeable about the state.
Important Facts About the Boston Massacre That You Need to Know
Think you are well-versed about the Boston Massacre? Challenge yourself with our facts about the Boston Massacre quiz.
Unbelievable Facts About the NBA That You Didn’t Know
Here are some of the important facts about the NBA that are truly fascinating and will entertain you.
What City Has the Oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade?
The first parade was held in 1920. Find everything about the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade.
Which President Refused to Acknowledge Thanksgiving During His Presidency?
Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States every year. However, one US president has declined to celebrate it.
Thanksgiving History Facts That You May Not Know
Weird thanksgiving facts: we've got you covered with some fascinating Thanksgiving history facts to entertain and educate you.
Russian Film Crew Took off to Shoot The Challenge-Space Movie
To defeat Tom Cruise’s space movie project, the Russian movie is filmed in space. Find more about The challenge-a space movie.
Top Ten Boss’s Day Gift Ideas That Make Your Boss Happy
Boss appreciation Day 2021:What’s your plan for Boss’s Day? Find out the best Boss’s Day gift ideas.
Take the Ultimate Turkish Desserts Quiz Online
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Extinction of Species:Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Declared Extinct
23 species were reported extinct, including the Ivory-billed woodpecker. Find out more about the extinction of species.
National Boss Day 2021:History and significance of Boss’s Day
Before you organize any surprise party for your boss. It is time to uncover everything about Boss’s Day.
Nobel Prize Winners 2021:Everything About the 2021 Nobel Prize Awards!
Nobel prize winners 2021: Discover more information on Nobel prize categories, nominations, and about the medal.
Columbus Day 2021: History and Origins of Columbus Day
How well do you know the history of Columbus Day? Prove that you are knowledgeable by taking our Columbus Day quiz.
Netflix’s Squid Game: Why It Becomes a Must-Watch Series?
If you haven’t heard about Netflix’s Squid Game that has recently become famous, you are at the right place to learn about it.
World Teachers Day 2021: History of Teachers’ Day
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Can You Identify Which States These Celebrities Are From?
Megastar Rihanna is from the birthplace of rum. Play our “which state these celebrities are from?” quiz to know the answer.
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