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The First African American to win a Best Actor Academy Award
Poitier was offered many stereotypical roles as he was black. Read our first African American to win an academy award blog to know mo
Unknown Facts about Gucci’s Grass-Stained Jeans
Gucci launched denim with grass stains and the price will shock you. Find more about Gucci's grass-stained jeans.
Get to Know More about Marc Jacobs Tattoos & Their Meanings
Did you know? Marc Jacobs has a cartoon tattoo of himself. Read to know more about Marc Jacobs tattoos & their meanings.
World’s Longest Wedding Dress Train
Did you know? According to the Guinness World Record, The world’s longest wedding dress train could almost cover Mount Everest!
History of High Heels and How It Became a Fashion Trend
Are you curious to find the journey of the high-heeled shoe to date? Discover the origin of high heels here.
Who Invented the Wrap Dress? Uncover the Iconic Wrap Dress History.
The iconic wrap dress women wear today has an interesting history. Read on to learn about a famous wrap dress designer.
Sewing Buttons on Sleeves Were Napoleon’s Idea
As Napoleon always wanted his troop to look clean and tidy he came up with the idea of a button on sleeves. Read on to discover more.
A Tale of Michael Kors Brand History
Michel Kors is a world-renowned American fashion designer, but do u know about Michael Kors’s brand history? Discover them here.
Everything You Need to Know about the History of T-Shirts
Do you know why t-shirts are called t-shirts? Get to know the intricate details about the history of the t-shirt here.
Most Controversial Kim Kardashian Handbags Collection
Do you know how much are Kim Kardashian bags worth? Get to know about the Kim Kardashian handbag collections here.
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