10 Weirdest Laws Ever Passed in Iowa

Ashley | 02 - 19 - 2022

10 Weirdest laws in Lowa

Thinking about visiting Iowa? Find out the 10 weirdest laws ever passed in Iowa with this quiz to plan your trip better. Get ready to be genuinely surprised and bewildered now. Learn below the 10 Weirdest Laws Ever Passed in Iowa.

Stupid State Laws in Iowa

The chances of these laws being enforced are very low, but still, you can legally get charged for them if your stars decide otherwise!

Let’s talk about PDA

The dumbest laws in Iowa disallows men with mustaches to kiss women publicly, and nobody should kiss each other for more than five minutes. Plus, Men should never wink at unknown women. 

Iowa Pubs Can Advertise Beer Sales Legally
  • A. True
  • B. False

What to eat?

If you are a horse, then fire hydrants are off the menu. One dumb Iowa law prohibits horses from eating fire hydrants. There is a legislature that wants every state-operated cafeteria to cornbread too.

Traffic Laws in Iowa

Thinking about throwing stones and bricks onto the highway? Head right into the Iowa city council to obtain your permission. Also, refrain from your urge to use a dead person’s handicap parking sign and license plate because it’s illegal. You are not allowed to sell auto on Sundays. 

What Things Are Illegal in Iowa?

Not surprised enough? Here are 3 more dumb law archives in Iowa you may not know. Note these laws are applicable only in certain neighborhoods and not throughout Iowa.

Liquor, Drugs, and Icecream

  • Pubs and restaurants can’t legally advertise that they are selling beers
  • You will need a drug tax stamp to sell drugs legally
  • Ministers need special permission to cross state lines with liquor on them
  • Ice cream vendors are banned! 

Pick It Properly

If you are thinking about picking hops for a nice home-brewed beer, then make sure you use a 36-inch box to keep them in. Don’t even dream about picking flowers, though. 

How to Get Ready in Iowa?

You could be jailed for dancing between 2 am to 6 pm in Iowa. On the other hand, you can sue your parlor if they fail to inform you about getting a sunburn after using their tanning bed. Firefighters should always practice putting out a fire at the station before responding to an emergency. 

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