11 Unique Facts about the Stanley Cup

Elmira | 10 - 06 - 2020
11 Unique Facts about the Stanley Cup

Every hockey player dreams of winning the Stanley cup. How much do you know about the Stanley Cup? We have rounded up amazing facts about the Stanley Cup that you may not know. 

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Stanley Cup and Its Fun Facts

  1. The Cup got its title from Lord Stanley of Preston, who was the Governor of Central Canada in 1892. The governor bought the Cup on a trip to London which later turned into a fascination with hockey for 3 years at the Montreal 1889 Winter Carnival. As stated by the Montreal Gazette, Stanley “expressed his great delight with the game of hockey and the expertise of the players.” He gave the Cup to Canada’s top amateur hockey team.
  1. Are you wondering how much the Cup weighs? It weighs 34.5 pounds and stands 35.25 inches tall.
  1. Did you know? The Stanley cup is passed from one winning team to another every year. The names of players, management, coaches, and staff of the winning team are permanently imprinted on the Cup.
  1. The NHL allows the winning team 100 off-season days with the Cup which means each player from the winning team gets a chance to keep the Cup for one day. This tradition was introduced by the New Jersey Devils in 1994-95.
  1. Another impressive fact is that the Stanley cup traveled with the winning team. Phil Pritchard, who was the keeper of the cup since 1991, traveled with the trophy and documented the trip on his Twitter account. The Hall of Fame kept a journey of the Stanley Cup’s travel.
  1. Surprisingly, there are around 2,300 names engraved on the Cup. When new names are added, old rings are eliminated and kept in the Hall of Fame. Since 1958, there have been five bands of championship names inscribed around the cup’s bottom. No names were mentioned on the Cup between 1928 to1954.
  1. The Stanley cup is made of nickel alloy and silver. 
  2. The NHL won’t permit more than 52 names to be engraved from every year’s winning team, and players should be part of that club during the Stanley Cup finals. There are 12 women’s names engraved on the Cup and the first woman’s name was Marguerite Norris, president of the Detroit Red Wings in 1954-55.
  1. NHL teams are working hard to win the Cup and no teams get the chance to celebrate victory except one team namely the Montreal Canadiens. This team wins the trophy at the end of the season. The Montreal Canadiens has won the most Stanley Cups a whopping 24 times!
  1. Multiple mistakes were found on the Stanley cup. For example, the Boston Bruins name was misspelled as ‘Bqstqn Bruins’ from 1971 to 1972. Most of the errors were left without correcting them

    11. There are three Stanley Cups. The original cup is kept in the Vault Room at the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Second Cup is called the Presentation Cup, which was invented in 1963 after the original became too weak to be passed around. The third Cup is called the Replica Cup that stands in.

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