11 Weird Laws in New York That Actually Exist

Elmira | 03 - 18 - 2021
Weird Laws in New York

Every US state has its own crazy laws but there are many weird laws in New York that are still written on the books. Some rules and regulations of New York are referred to as blue laws, which is a term used to describe rules that are prohibited on Sundays.

Whether you call them strange or irrelevant laws, every New Yorker should follow these. We have put together some of the crazy New York laws that make you scratch your head in wonder.

11 Weird Laws in New York That You Shouldn’t Aware of

If you wanted to know the most ridiculous and crazy laws in New York, you have landed in the right place.

It is Not Allowed to Wear Slippers Past 10 PM in New York.
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1. Selling a Dog or Cat Is Illegal

It is prohibited to sell/import a dog or cat in New York. You can’t sell a pet’s fur to make cash. As per the law of the state’s anti-cruelty terms, it makes it a crime to“import, sell, offer for sale… transport or otherwise market” cat or dog fur.

2. Flirting Is Strictly Prohibited and Cost You a 25$ Fine

Presently online dating becomes popular among people. But flirting is illegal and as per the law, you will be charged $25 in NYC. It is not permitted to wiggle your fingers and place your thumb to your nose. Flirtatious or friendly, in New York, they don’t encourage such ill manners.

3. It Is Prohibited to Carry Ice Cream Cones in the Pocket

Sunday ice cream cones are strictly prohibited, possibly due to a law prohibiting sundae production, leading to ice cream eaters sticking cones in pockets to avoid fines.

4. Running a Puppet Show in the Show Is Not Allowed

Under Section 10-114 of the city administrative law, it is forbidden to use “any window … [for] any performance of puppet or other figures.” If you do it against the law, you need to pay a $25 fine and go to jail for 30 days.

5. In NYC, Adultery Is Prohibited

Adultery is not a great thing to do. In New York, it is forbidden to practice and costs you a $500 fine and 90 days in jail.

6. Law prohibits group gathering under masks.

New York Penal Law 240.35(4) prohibits congregating in public with masks to disguise identity, dating back to 1845. Masks are allowed in masquerades and holidays like Halloween.

7. It Is Not Allowed to Throw a Ball at Someone’s Head for Fun.

New York’s strange law punishes throwing a ball at someone’s head, including prohibitions on dancing, riding bikes, and throwing knives.

8. No Slippers After 10 P.M.

This one seems like one of the weird New York laws! There is no issue if you step out wearing pajamas in public, but not with slippers. It is forbidden to wear slippers in public places after 10 pm.

9. You Require a Clothesline License

Not everything is free! To dry your clothes on a clothesline, you require a license to hang clothes in New York, making it one of the stupid laws in New York.

10. You Are Prohibited to Take Tiger Selfies

This law was introduced by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal to take action against maulings. If you take selfies with tigers, you will be charged $500 as a fine in New York state.

11. NYC’s Elevator Etiquette

It is forbidden to talk in an elevator in New York. Additionally, people who use the elevator should fold their hands while looking at the door.

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