12 Weird Laws in Wisconsin You Should Know

Ashley | 09 - 07 - 2021
Weird Laws in Wisconsin

Question your sanity with these weird laws in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is serious about its cheese and butter laws but, what else is stupid in America’s Dairyland? Let’s find out before you plan a trip to Wisconsin.

Weird Laws in Wisconsin

Though there is no limit to stupidity, even stupid people will not dare to do certain things in public. These strange Wisconsin laws are here to defy stupidity. 

Worrying Squirrels

What Is Illegal in Wisconsin?
  • A. No Blue Clothing For Women
  • B. Farm Animals Don’t Get Right of Way
  • C. Written Consent for Sitting on a Car
  • D. None of the Above

Teasing animals and plucking flowers is never appreciated but, do you know that La Crosse, Wisconsin, is only worried about its squirrel population? Yes, teasing or chasing away a squirrel could land you with a fine here.

Swimming in Fountains

Do you swim in fountains often? News flash, it is illegal to swim in the Fountain of Fountain Park! Thanks to notorious visitors who went the extra mile from dropping coins into the fountain.


Do you know that women in St. Croix aren’t allowed to wear red in public? There is no known reason behind this law but, it’s rumored that since red is the color of seduction, women wearing red can send the wrong message. 

Central Time

All businesses situated in Wisconsin should use Central Time only. Like why would you use any other time zone if all your customers follow Central Time?

No More Snowball Fight

Throwing a snowball at someone is an offense in many states across the United States. This law was enforced in Wausau because children often threw snowballs at each other without knowing whether the ball contained a stone or hard ice that could cause severe damages. 

Wisconsin Cheese Law

America’s dairyland is pretty serious about its butter laws, but here is a list of Wisconsin butter and cheese laws that will baffle you.


It is illegal to serve Margarine at a restaurant until and unless the customer specifically asks for it. Since Wisconsin’s primary source of income was through the sale of dairy products, Margarine was considered a competitor and was made illegal in 1895.

Only Highly Pleasing Cheese Should be Produced

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection have enforced double-A standards to inspect the quality of dairy products manufactured in the state. Therefore, you will always get the best of the best dairy products in Wisconsin.

Master’s Programme for Making Cheese

Since the tastiest cheese is available across Wisconsin, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is to do a master’s program in making cheese. Limburger cheese with a “Master’s Mark” sells like hot cupcakes on a rainy day. 

Wisconsin Butter Law

Wisconsin banned Kerrygold, an Irish butter brand. At present, Kerrygold has agreed to manufacture a special butter to meet Wisconsin’s butter standards. 

Stupid Laws in Wisconsin

Time for crazy laws in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Rules on the Road

Do you know that it’s illegal to park a vehicle in Milwaukee for more than 2 hours without tying a horse to it? But it’s illegal to have a horse tied to your car in Third Street, La Crosse. You should also get verbal consent from an owner before sitting on the hood of their Car in Hudson. Adding to this is the law against camping in your car on public highways. Who on earth is doing these things?

Fancy a Race?

You could be seriously punished if you were to perform any stunts with your bicycle in public. Wisconsin is strict about its feet and hands on the bike rule and discourages people from playing tricks with vehicles.

Doors and Screens

Hate the morning sun? Every window should have a screen that should be opened by residents every morning in Wisconsin. While every door to the outside should have a self-closing system and screen installed. Now, that is a challenging rule to enforce! Get to know the Wisconsin lift law in the quiz.

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