Facts about the Escalators in Wyoming

Ashley | 10 - 21 - 2020
Escalators in the State of Wyoming

There is something special about escalators in Wyoming. Do you know what is it? Wyoming has only 2 escalators. If you want to learn more about them, this article is all you need. We will discuss everything about Wyoming escalators. And our Wyoming facts and trivia will help you understand more about the Escalators of Wyoming.

Which US state has only 2 escalators in the entire state?

The US state with only two escalators in Wyoming. This interesting fact reflects Wyoming’s relatively low population density and its focus on preserving its natural landscapes. The scarcity of escalators in the state is a testament to its unique blend of wide-open spaces and a more rustic, less urbanized lifestyle. While escalators are common in densely populated urban areas, Wyoming’s minimal use of escalators is a reflection of its distinct character and appreciation for its unspoiled beauty. This fact serves as a quirky and memorable tidbit about Wyoming’s distinctive characteristics.

But why? The state is full of multi-story buildings. Then why does Wyoming still not want its citizens to take advantage of the escalators?

Wyoming Is the 10th-Largest State by Area.
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When a spokesman of the Wyoming Governor’s office was asked if the count of escalators had increased since 2008, he was unsure about it.

Many people also claimed that most of the buildings including hospitals and airports do not have escalators. Instead, most of the public buildings had elevators and stairs.

Dick Mason in the Cheyenne building office explained that Cheyenne, the state’s capital and its most populous city, did not have any escalators. Once, the J.C. Penny building had an escalator, but when the building was demolished, the escalator was also gone. People who live over there most often use stairs and elevators. He also explained the several reasons behind the lack of escalators. One of the major reasons he explained was the code issue involved with escalators.

This code issue is what made the escalators less popular. In stairways, people can find enclosed ways to escape buildings, but escalators usually do not provide that opportunity. Most of the engineers do not opt for escalators to be used. Other than all these, escalators are usually expensive to install and maintain. Most of the buildings there are older, so they have elevators and stairs for inter-floor transport, Sue Goodman added. Malls and larger airports tend to be stand-alone structures. He also mentioned, “In the Great Out West, I think land is probably cheaper.” So rather than build up, “we spread out”. Surprisingly, the neighboring state of South Dakoda has 300 percent more escalators within its state borders.

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