50 Weird Laws in the US

Ashley | 08 - 15 - 2021
Weird Laws in the US

Laws go obsolete with time given the changing circumstances but here are 50 weird laws in America that will baffle you. 

Funny Laws in the US

You would be rolling down on the floor with laughter if a cop was to fine you for breaking these 10 laws in the US:

  1. Putting a coin inside your ear is illegal in Hawaii.
  2. Riding a horse faster than 10mph is punishable in Indiana.
  3. Marrying the same man 4 times is not possible in Kentucky.
  4. You can’t wrestle a bear in Missouri.
  5. Having a pet rat is legally impossible in Montana.
  6. You will be fined for sitting or lying down on the sidewalk in Nevada.
  7. Tripping a horse is punishable in Oklahoma.
  8. Idiots can’t vote in New Mexico.
  9. You should only stand and sleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota.
  10. Sharing your Netflix password is illegal in Tennessee.

Weird Laws in America

These 10 weird US laws will make you read it twice:

How Many Children Can Unmarried Women Have in Mississippi?
  • A. 4
  • B. 3
  • C. 2
  • D. 1
  1. Parking in front of Dunkin Donuts can get you fined in Maine.
  2. You need a fortune teller license in Massachusetts.
  3. Selling Margarine without consent can get you jailed in Wisconsin.
  4. You should not sell a car on a Sunday in Michigan.
  5. Driving with muddy tires is illegal in Minnesota.
  6. Taking seaweed from New Hampshire beaches is an offense.
  7. Building a large building without displaying art in it is an offense in Wyoming.
  8. Getting drunk in a bar in Alaska is a crime.
  9. Pronouncing Arkansas incorrectly is punishable.
  10. Cannibalism is illegal in Idaho. 

Crazy Laws in the US

No amount of punishment will help you accept these crazy laws seriously:

  1. Unmarried women can have only one kid out of wedlock in Mississippi.
  2. Stealing crawfish in Louisiana can get you imprisoned for 10 years.
  3. Eating fried chicken with a fork is illegal in Georgia.
  4. Whispering at church is illegal in Delaware.
  5. Setting off stink bombs is punishable in South Carolina.
  6. Ugly people shouldn’t walk down the street in California.
  7. Honking near a Subway shop after 9 pm is a punishable offense in Arkansas.
  8. Don’t let your donkey sleep in a bathtub in Arizona.
  9. Colorado banned keeping couches on the porch after several frat accidents.
  10. It is illegal to sell a pickle that doesn’t bounce in Connecticut.

Strange Laws in the US

These 10 strange American laws would have questioned the sanity of the people who implied it if they were alive today: 

  1. Illinois Culinary school minors should sip and spit alcohol during taste tests.
  2. Sending a free pizza is appalling in Louisiana.
  3. You can be charged for wearing bulletproof vests in New Jersey.
  4. Kids above 14 years can be fined for going trick or treating in Chesapeake City, Virginia.
  5. Vermont women need their husband’s permission to get false teeth.
  6. Bingo should not be played for more than 5 hours in North Carolina.
  7. Playing any board game after being intoxicated is also illegal in North Carolina.
  8. Washing your neighbor’s car without their permission can get you fined in LA.
  9. Driving blindfolded is punishable in Alabama.
  10. Frogs that died in a frog jumping competition should not be consumed in California.

Absurd Laws in the US

Say what! Did I hear it correctly? Will be your reaction to most of these laws:

  1. West Virginia banned cohabitation and lewd conduct before marriage.
  2. You can be imprisoned for 5 years if you kill a Bigfoot in Washington.
  3. You can only kill raccoons on Sunday’s Virginia.
  4. It is illegal to cause a catastrophe in Utah.
  5. You can use a proxy to attend your marriage in Texas.
  6. If you have been in a duel fight, you are ineligible to hold office in Tennessee
  7. You can be jailed for seducing unmarried women in South Carolina.
  8. Fortune telling is illegal in Oregon
  9. It is illegal to eavesdrop in Oklahoma.
  10. You need permission to kill pigeons in North Dakota.


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