4 Catastrophes Caused By Food

Iris | 04 - 24 - 2023
Disasters caused by food

What is the impact of disaster on food?

Industrial or natural disasters are fairly common throughout history. Cyclones, tsunamis, and floods came into our mind once thinking about natural disasters. Do you know which type of disaster is food related to? There are different catastrophes effected to individuals through food. Continue reading to get an idea about catastrophes related to food. 

Famine disasters caused by food

Have you heard about the catastrophes related to food? Let’s explore some important disasters related to food here. 

London beer flood

The Meux family attained celebrity status in the late 18th century because they hold various sizes of vats that hold nearly 2000 barrels of beer. On October 17, 1814, a beer vat suddenly burst due to the failure of metal rings. This vat then flowed toward the surrounding neighborhood and the homes were extensively damaged. 

What is the reason to attain celebrity status in the Meux family in the 18th century?
  • A. Hold 2000 barrels of beer
  • B. Famous for entrepreneurship
  • C. Lot of celebrities in family
  • D. Above 10 million net worth

Boston’s great molasses flood

A molasses tank owned by Purity Distilling Company is occupied in Boston’s North End Near work-class Italian neighborhoods. The vat can hold 2.5 million gallons in 1915. Afterward, locals complained about the vat leaking in 1919 and it exploded on the afternoon of January 15. The surrounding buildings were swept away due to this mess and it leads to left 150 injured and 20 dead. 

Gunnedah pet food explosion 

In 2003, an explosion series occurred in the Australian pet food manufacturing plant that cost nearly AUD 10 million. The nearby residents in Gunnedah first thought that they were experiencing an earthquake when the explosions took place. More than ten other buildings and 30 homes are damaged nearby the factory. Throughout that night, ongoing explosions took place due to the LPG cylinders. 

German chocolate flood

Another catastrophes related to food is the German chocolate flood. The street paved with chocolate become reality for the German town of Westonnen in December 2018. A ton of liquid chocolate flowed from the DreiMester factory to the nearby streets. The roads were closed for various hours and the crew worked hard to remove the chocolate from the roadway.

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