5 Pointless Inventions That Are Ridiculously Useless

Ashley | 07 - 25 - 2023
Unnecessary inventions

Inventions are a never-ending game. People come up with different ideas to get their work done easily and introduce something new in the market. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of inventions that go useless and cause unnecessary attention. 

Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

Why are some inventions hilariously useless? An invention or machine is to reduce the workload of human beings, but if the invention itself is complicated to handle then it becomes useless. Unnecessary inventions are interesting yet practically not useful or suitable in daily life.

Funny and Useless Inventions

Check out some of the pointless inventions,

Which invention is designed to slice a banana into even pieces?
  • A. The Shoe-Bella
  • B. The Glizzy Gripper
  • C. The Lovers Double Spoon
  • D. The Banana Slicer

The Banana Slicer – Struggling to slice your banana with a regular knife? Look no further! The banana slicer slices your banana into perfectly even pieces in a single press. However, it raises the question: Do we need an exclusive tool to slice bananas when we have knives?

Coffee Carrier – This weird invention will carry your phone along with the coffee cup in a single carrier. Of course, life needs balance, but having this in hand and trying to avoid spillage is a very big task. 

Lovers Double Spoon – Sharing is caring is the concept! Using this you are allowed to have food simultaneously with two separate spoons (opposite directions) but attached in a single panel. With this scoop, you can share dessert with your loved one and get annoyed so much. It is one of the ridiculously pointless inventions.

double spoon

Glizzy Gripper – Are you a messy eater? If yes! Then you must try this out. Eat effortlessly holding this Glizzy Gripper and have your fresh hotdogs in style. Be it in public or a crowded place you are free to eat hotdogs where it hides your mouth when you are eating it. But who can carry this everywhere?

Glizzy Gripper

Shoe-brella – Worrying about your expensive shoe getting wet? Then this invention is definitely for you! You literally stand under a small-sized umbrella. It is attached above the ankle which transparently ruins the whole look and makes you appear weird. 

Picture of Shoebrella

Hope this blog post has brought a smile to your face and get to know the ridiculously pointless inventions. Remember, not everything needs to serve a purpose; sometimes, it’s okay to appreciate human ingenuity.

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