Things You May Not Know about Thomas Edison

Ashley | 11 - 14 - 2021
Things You May Not Know about Thomas Edison

Play this quiz to find out about things you may not know about Thomas Alva Edison. Let’s begin with the invention of lightbulbs!

History of the Light Bulb

Edison’s lightbulb was not the first-ever lightbulb. It was the first commercially used lightbulb. Humphrey Davy was the first person to invent the lightbulb in 1802. There were several other inventors who came up with their own versions but Edison’s lightbulb was invented after making several alterations to the original incandescent lamp in 1849. This was the first-ever commercially sold patented lightbulb in the world. 

Things You May Not Know about Thomas Edison

Do you know the real nature of Thomas Edison was gruff and socially poor? He had very few close friends. He locked himself inside labs to avoid meeting people. Edison had patented around 1903 inventions in his 84 years and was the proud owner of the world’s first industrial research lab. 

Was Edison Dyslexic?
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Important Facts about Thomas Edison

Are you up for some important Edison facts? 

Thomas Alva Edison, the great American inventor was partially deaf and suffered from dyslexia. Thus, he started school a bit later. He was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847. He died due to diabetes-related complications on October 18, 1931, in West Orange, New Jersey. Edison had married twice. 

It is popularly believed that Mary Sitwell, his first wife died due to typhoid but in reality, she died due to congestion of the brain. Edison, later on, married Mina Miller who died due to a heart attack following Edison’s death. At present, there are no living descendants from both marriages currently. He was called Al by his family. His kids’ names were inspired by Telegraph terms. He and his wife Miller would often communicate through morse code.

Surprising Facts about Thomas Edison

Let’s find out interesting facts about Edison’s professional life! 

Do you know that Edison was fired from his first job as a newspaper delivery boy after he set fire to the baggage car when he was 12 years old? He had already set up a laboratory in his parent’s basement at 10. The electric vote recorder was his first invention and his last was an electroplating process component.

Edison was behind the invention of the first-ever motion picture camera. When a reporter how he managed to invent the lightbulb after 1000 approaches failed, Edison replied saying the lightbulb required 1000 steps to be invented. Electricity, phonograph, and alkaline batteries are a few of his important inventions.

Edison had an IQ level of 160 to 310.  Though his electric pen was highly useful for writing manuscripts in large quantities it failed due to the need for too many batteries. 

Tesla and Edison were partners for a brief period of time. While Tesla was the mastermind behind the conceptualization of electricity, Edison invented it before him creating a rivalry between the two. 

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