6 Different Types of Ancient Gift Exchanged Between Countries

Julia | 12 - 15 - 2020
Ancient Gift Exchanged Between Countries

6 Different Types of Ancient Gift

From the refurbished resolute desk to giant pandas, there are some different types of Ancient Gift exchanged between the countries during the ancient period. Those gifts might sound odd at first glance, but they have a deep history behind them. 

The History of Gift Giving

Do you know what are the different types of gifts in the world? You can’t count them, because there are wide varieties now. Have you ever thought about what type of gifts were shared between the peoples of ancient times? Well, here we have enclosed the top 6 ancient oddest gifts exchanged between the countries. Read on to find out what was the history behind those gifts. 


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1.Resolute Desk -1880

Britain to the USA

Resolute Desk

In the year 1880, Queen Victoria presented the Resolute desk to President Hayes of the United States as a memorial of courtesy and loving-kindness. This table was crafted with timbers of HMS resolute- a famously known ship that was stuck in the ice and was refurbished to make the resolute table or desk.


2.The Statue of Liberty -1886  

France to the United States

The Statue of Liberty -1886

The Statue of Liberty, an iconic symbol of freedom was a gift given by the French people to the United States during the American revolution. The French people gifted the Statue of Liberty an iconic symbol of freedom commemorating the alliance of France and the United States. The Statue of Liberty is made up of copper and steel which cost around $5.7 million dollars to build it.


3.The Sword of Stalingrad- 1943 

Britain to the Soviet Union 

The Sword of Stalingrad

King George VI of the United Kingdom commissioned a sword to be created for Joseph Stalin as a token of thanks for their role during the Battle of Stalingrad. The blade in the sword is hand forged from Sheffield steel. The 92m Sword is made as a two-handled longsword with an 18-carat gold hand grip. 


4.Tulip Bulbs -1945

Dutch to Canada 

Tulip Bulbs

During the Second World War, Canada sheltered the royal Dutch family. As a symbol of gratitude, the Dutch royal family sent 100,000 tulips bulbs to Ottawa to say thank you. since then they keep on sending 10,000 bulbs every year. They develop tulip as it is represented in the Canadian flag.

5.Christmas Tree -1947 

Norway to Britain 

Christmas Tree

Since 1947, during every Christmas Norway people send Norweigan spruce trees to Britain people as a gift of gratitude, a symbol of friendship and their support during the Second World War. Before sending the 20+ meter Norway spruce tree, it is decorated with 500 white lights by the city of Oslo people and it is placed in the Trafalgar Square for the Christmas season.

6.Giant Pandas -1972

China to Washington DC

Giant Pandas

After President Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, the Chinese government gifted 2 giant pandas named ling-ling and hsing-hsing. This diplomatic gift is sent to the National zoo in Washington DC by the Chinese government, which later became a trend called “Panda Diplomacy”.

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