All You Need to Know about Bubble Gum

Julia | 10 - 24 - 2023

Bubble gum is one of the funniest candies you can play with anytime. Everyone remembers the first time they successfully blew the bubble. It is still continued by most of them today. You can easily carry it in your pocket or purse and end up sharing it with friends. Bubble gum… Is it good for your teeth? Let’s get a glimpse of the bubble gum facts in this blog. 

Bubble Gum Facts and History You Must Know 

Bubble gum stretches more and doesn’t leave a mess on your face if a bubble bursts. It is a soft substance created to be chewed without swallowing. What are some fun facts about bubble gum? 

History of Bubble Gum

The history of Bubble Gum traces way back from the ancient Mayans to the Greek times. The Mayans and Greeks used to chew the resin of medicinal trees for fresh breath and treatment purposes. Later, it was used by Native Americans followed by Europeans. 

What is a Bubble Gum?
  • A. A soft substance created to be chewed without swallowing
  • B. A stick that is used for cleaning teeth
  • C. Sweet pastries served for a dessert course
  • D. A type of ice cream containing or flavored with mixed fruits

Invention of Bubble Gum 

There are several stages in the invention of bubble gum. Frank Fleer is considered the main person in the invention of bubble gum. He coated the gum with sugar in 1900 and then ‘Blibber Blubber’ was invented in 1906. But it was very sticky, so it didn’t get into the market. 

When was bubble gum invented? In 1928, Walter Diemer working for the Frank H. Fleer company discovered bubble gum by accident. It was during an experiment made by him in the lab during his breaks. This bubble gum was named Dubble Bubble.

Bubble Gum Helps You Concentrate More 

Bubble gum gives you the ability to concentrate more and helps you focus while being attentive. Moreover, your muscle tension also lessens. Need to focus more? Start chewing now. 

Why Is Most Bubble Gum Pink?


The pink color does not come by choice well it was destined. Dingy Grey was the original recipe created by Walter Diemer, an account at The Fleer Corporation, a gum company. Red was the food dye available in the company at that time. So, he diluted and turned the gum into a pink color. Since then, pink become the bubble gum color everywhere. 

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Bubble Gum Flavours 

Earlier, most gum was made from chicle. However, it turned into sweeteners, softeners, and synthetic rubbers today. The sticky and sweet gum comes in different fruit flavors: cherry, strawberry, lemon, banana, and sometimes orange. The largest collection of chewing gum wrappers is held by Gary Doss, who has over 600,000 different wrappers in his collection.

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World Record for Bubble Gum Pop


Is there any Guinness world record for bubble gum pop? Of course, Chad Fell, a native of Winston Country in Alabama, US chewed three double bubble gum and blew upto 50.8cm in diameter. This led him to get the Guinness World Record title for blowing the largest bubble from bubble gum. And no one has broken this record yet. 

Bubble gum is a favorite treat for many. One safety measure to remember is that the bubble gum is not for children and make sure it is kept out of their reach. Because they may swallow it accidentally.

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