All You Need to Know about Bubble Gum

Iris | 03 - 19 - 2024
All You Need to Know about Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is one of the funniest candies you can play with anytime. Everyone remembers the first time they successfully blew the bubble. It is still continued by most of them today. You can easily carry it in your pocket or purse and end up sharing it with friends. Is gum good for your teeth? Let’s get a glimpse of the bubble gum facts in this blog. We will be using the abbreviation – “BG” for bubble gum, in most sections of the blog.

35 Fun Facts about Bubble Gum

Check out these interesting facts!

1. Accidental Invention

Frank Fleer is considered one of the main people in the invention of bubble gum. He coated the gum with sugar in 1900 and then “Blibber Blubber” was invented in 1906. But it was very sticky, so it didn’t get into the market. 

‘Blibber Blubber’ was invented in 1906.
  • A. True
  • B. False

In 1928, Walter Diemer, who was working for the Frank Fleer company, discovered BG by accident. It was during an experiment made by him in the lab during his breaks. This product was named “Dubble Bubble.” Talking about inventions, you might like reading these early versions of inventions we use today.

2. Pink Beginnings

Pink Beginnings

Do you know how bubble gum acquired its pink color? Walter Diemer’s original recipe produced an item that had a dingy gray color. And, the only food dye available at that time was in red. So, Diemer used the red dye for the BG but diluted it a bit so that the final product was pink. 

3. Lost and Found Recipe

Walter Diemer had stumbled upon a formula for BG that was more flexible and less sticky than other kinds of chewing gums. However, the day after the discovery, Diemer lost the recipe! After trying for 4 months, he succeeded in figuring out the recipe again.

4. Ancient Usage

The history of BG traces way back from the ancient Mayans to the Greek times. The Mayans and Greeks used to chew the resin of medicinal trees for fresh breath and treatment purposes. Later, it was used by Native Americans, followed by Europeans. 

5. Stomach Myths: Busted!

Bubble Gum Facts & Stomach Myths Busted

Many think that if you swallow BG, it will stick to the insides of your stomach and will not come out. But this is just a myth. Anything that goes in has to come out, which is how the digestive system works. So, in case you swallow your BG, don’t panic. It’s sure to make its timely exit! Moreover, BG does not break down inside your stomach or intestines.

6. Brain Boost

Brain Boost

It is said that chewing gum can make you more relaxed. It also improves your memory and increases attention! While it might not get you 100% in your exams, it surely relieves stress and plays a role in boosting brain functions, thereby improving your confidence levels. So, if you are in cram sessions for your exams, try chewing gum!

7. Sticky Situation

When it comes to gum, it’s surely a sticky situation! BG contains the following ingredients:

  • Synthetic polymers
  • Resins
  • Plasticizers 

The above ingredients, especially the polymer base, make it sticky as well as stretchy. Since we are discussing sticky situations, you might be interested in the history of glue.

8. Flavor Frenzy

Earlier, most gum was made from chicle. However, it later turned into sweeteners, softeners, and other synthetic items. The sticky and sweet BG comes in different fruit flavors: cherry, strawberry, lemon, banana, and sometimes orange. It can also be a combination of different fruit flavors.

9. Beyond Bubbles

Beyond Bubbles

You may wonder if bubble gum has any benefits, apart from blowing bubbles. Yes! It reduces bad breath, increases saliva secretion, and boosts memory (as mentioned earlier). Chewing gum is also a good exercise for facial muscles. 

10. Sugar-Free Savvy

Sugar-Free Savvy for Teeth

BG is definitely not the best candy for your teeth because it contains a lot of added sugar. However, you can try some sugar-free gum as an alternative. By choosing a sugar-free product, you can avoid toothaches and unnecessary visits to the dentist. And, your teeth will surely thank you for reducing all that unwanted sugar!

11. Color Coordination

Color Coordination

The color coordination for bubble gum in RGB units is given as follows:

Red – 255

Green – 193

Blue – 204

In other words, the RGB code is represented by rgb (255, 193, 204).

12. A Day for Celebration 

A Day for Celebration

Bubble Gum Day is celebrated in the first week of February every year. BG lovers can get together and have fun on this day, which is associated with the generation of charity contributions and permitting school students to chew gum as part of the special events.

The first National Bubble Gum Day was initiated by Ruth Spiro, a mother of two children and also a children’s book author. Here are the top 5 American authors and their works!

13. Not Just for Kids

The advantages of BG should be experienced not only by kids but also by adults. Sharing a pack of gum with others and making huge bubbles are stress-free activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can reap the benefits of this item in myriad ways by trying different flavors.

14. Gumball Wonders

This might not be a fact directly related to our topic, but it’s a good one! There is an animated sitcom called, “The Amazing World of Gumball.” This series revolves around the lives of the blue cat – Gumball Watterson, and the goldfish brother with the name, Darwin.

15. Bubble Blowing Champion

Bubble Blowing Champion - Chad Fell

Chad Fell, a native of Winston Country in Alabama, US, chewed three double bubble gum and blew up to 50.8 cm in diameter. This led him to get the Guinness World Record title.

16. Gummy Get Creative

You can get as creative as you want with BG and its extract. Make use of a gummy bear mold to create your gummy bears. Using a BG flavor extract and some simple ingredients, you can design your gummy bears in style. 

17. Pop Culture Icon

Pop Culture Icon

BG has acquired a cult following, and you can find various international brands selling it. In 1964, the Beatles had their own BG cards. It has gradually become a pop culture icon, and was even featured in the 1978 film titled, “Grease.” While at it, look at the top female singers of the 90s.

18. The Chewy Science

The Chewy Science

The gum base present in BG makes it chewy. The softeners added to the gum base prevent the bubble gum from getting hard and help improve its chewy texture. The other ingredients, such as sugar, softeners, corn syrup, and flavors further enhance the stretchy texture of bubble gum. 

19. WWII Substitute

WWII Substitute

Did you know that BG became one of the crucial items in the American soldier’s kit? Let’s see how exactly that happened.

During World Wars I and II, army officials found that supplying water to the soldiers was an expensive and time-consuming process. Instead of water, the officials started supplying chewing gum in the soldiers’ rations. It served as a thirst-quencher, and to some extent, reduced the water consumption by the American soldiers. This was how BG became a WWII substitute!

20. Unique Flavors

Unique Flavors

Some of the classic American flavors in gums are given below:

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Banana
  • Orange

Apart from the above, there are other unique flavors. Some brands wanted to make chewing gum a more adventurous experience, and so, they added flavors like sassafras and root beer! Talking about root beer, find out if animals get drunk!

21. Wrapper Mania

Some people cultivate the hobby of collecting BG wrappers. The largest collection of wrappers is held by Gary Doss, who has over 600,000 different wrappers in his collection.

22. Safety First

Bubble gum is a favorite treat for many. One safety measure to remember is that bubble gum is not for children under 5 years of age. Therefore, make sure it is kept out of their reach because they may swallow it accidentally. 

Usually, children who are above 5 realize the difference between normal candy and gum. So, they know they must not swallow it. So, children in this age group can be offered bubble gum. However, elders must make sure that a particular kid knows the harmful effects of swallowing gum before they offer it to the kid.

23. Be Eco-Conscious

Be Eco-Conscious

The synthetic ingredients, plasticizers, and artificial flavors present in BG are detrimental to the environment. So, it’s our duty to use and dispose of the item in the best way possible.

24. Sweet Treats

The sugar or sugar substitutes present in bubble gum give it a sweet taste. So, it’s not surprising that many people categorize it as a candy. Some businesses place bubble gum under the category of confectionery items. 

Whichever way you classify it, gum is always a flavored sweet treat loved by young and old people alike. Also, read about the top 5 sugary confections you must try while traveling.

25. The Scientific Name

The ancient Mayan civilization chewed on “chicle gum,” which was prepared from the sap of the sapodilla tree. 

The name given to bubble gum that was first invented in 1906 was “Blibber-Blubber.” The name was later changed to “Double Bubble.” Most of the modern gum products contain the primary ingredient, “polyisobutylene.”

26. Gumball Giant 

Here’s another fascinating tidbit from “The Amazing World of Gumball.” In this series, there is a gorilla-like giant called “Hector.” But he is not that happy about being giant-sized. The other characters sense his discomfort and try to help him get to the normal size.

27. Earache Relief

Earache Relief

If you are traveling by air, or visiting places at a high altitude, you might experience earaches. If you chew bubble gum during or after your travel, it can help minimize the pressure in the ears. However, this is not a permanent remedy to the problem, and you must consult your doctor/healthcare provider before you use BG for temporary relief during travel. Also, look at the countries Americans can travel to without a passport.

28. Double Bubble Trouble

Have you heard of it before? “Double Bubble Trouble” is a song by a popular recording artist from one of her studio albums. The artist is well known by the name, “M.I.A.” The song references a 1994 hit song called, “Trouble.” 

29. Famous Faces

Michael Mobius is a famous German artist. Among his works, you can find an amusing series in which pop culture icons, such as David Bowie, the Beatles, Steve Jobs, Audrey Hepburn, etc., keep blowing bubbles by chewing on gum.

30. Around the World

BG - Around the World

BG is being used in almost all the countries of the world. Several international brands sell it. In certain regions of some countries, people are banned from chewing gum. When you are in conversation with people, some may consider chewing gum to be rude behavior. Wherever you go, it’s wise to stick to the rules of chewing the item in public places. 

31. The Future of Gum

The Future of Gum

It is estimated that the size of the chewing gum market will expand from US$ 15,345.6 million in 2024 to US$ 38,924.5 million by the year 2034. Do you know which country chews the most gum? It’s Iran! Here, when shopkeepers don’t have change, they give away packets of gum to customers.

32.  The Perfect Pop

BG contains more gum base than chewing gum. You can blow BG in large sizes because of the extra gum base, which cannot be done with chewing gum. So, you can get the perfect pop with bubble gum, but not with chewing gum. As stated earlier, Chad Fell holds the record for the most perfect bubble gum pop.

33. Bubble Gum Legends

“Bubble Gum Legends” is a popular game. It is from Ease Studios. The game was created in 2023 and has been played by several thousand people.

34. Bubble Gum Blues

“Bubble Gum Blues” is a series of tales that was created to exercise a child’s imagination. It was mainly written by David Jayne, who created it in the form of a children’s book. The series has lots of thought-provoking illustrations. Since we are discussing books, look at the most checked out books in the New York library

35. A Sticky Situation (Literally)

A problematic or embarrassing situation is often referred to as a “sticky situation.” Sometimes, when you chew gum, you are literally in a sticky situation because the item is a really sticky substance. And if you wish to dispose of the gum you are chewing, but find no suitable place to do it, the situation is… well… stickier!

Enjoy the BG Benefits

Hope this blog on bubble gum facts proved interesting. Chewing gum in moderation can be beneficial to the mind and body. But don’t overdo it! Refresh your memory on the facts we’ve discussed by answering the Quiz on this page.

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