Are Christmas Trees Pagan?

Elmira | 12 - 08 - 2020
Are Christmas Trees Pagan

We all know December 25 is Christmas Day which is grandly celebrated in many countries across the world, to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Did you know? Christmas festival is connected with pagan, a tradition that is celebrated in the winter solstice. In the 1840s, Christmas trees were known as pagan symbols and not supported by most Americans. If you haven’t learned about the Christmas tree pagan tradition, read the entire blog to discover the history of the Christmas tree.


 Christmas Tree Origin

 As reported by ABC News, Christmas trees were started as a pagan tradition beginning in the fourth century C.E. European pagan customs include decorating homes with the branches of evergreen fir trees by believing that it will brighten up their dull winters and also to keep away ghosts, witches, and evil spirits.

When Did Christmas Trees Become a Tradition?
  • A. 14th Century
  • B. 19th Century
  • C. 20th Century
  • D. 16th Century

 Do you know the history of the Christmas tree? During the ancient Rome period, they had a feast that was known as Saturnalia that was particularly observed during the solstice. It is celebrated in December by hoping the sun will come back. We can relate the solstice with Christmas as both are celebrated on December 25. The tradition was observed in Rome as a significant festival in which people follow customs like giving gifts, singing, light-up candle lights, and decorating homes on December 25.

 The ancient Romans and Egyptians considered trees as symbols of eternal life and hope of a new season of the sun.


 Christmas Trees from Germany

 Germany is credited for introducing the Christmas tree tradition. In the 16th century, Christmas trees were brought by devoted Christians to their houses.

The 16th-century Protestant Reformer Martin Luther was the first person who decorated the tree with lighted candles.

But this custom wasn’t adopted in America for centuries. In the 19th century, for Americans, the tree looked funny. The first decorated Christmas tree was on display in the 1840s that was decorated by German settlers of Pennsylvania, till the 1840s Americans didn’t accept Christmas trees in their culture.

The newly settled Puritans supported Christmas and also declined the pagan influence in their tradition. Government administrators including Oliver Cromwell and William Bradford did their best to banish new customs that involved traditions of decorating, and forbade them as “heathen” and “pagan mockery.” Shockingly, the General Court of Massachusetts passed a law in 1659 that announced celebrating Christmas was prohibited. The law allowed people to pray in Churches, no decoration was allowed.

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