Best PlayStation 4 Games of All Time

Julia | 10 - 06 - 2022
Top PlayStation Games

If there’s one thing that people would never get tired of, that definitely is the PlayStation games. The video game brand has established itself over the years, releasing some of the biggest games history will remember. From secret assassinations to grand thefts, PlayStation has delivered games from every single genre to fans, that cherish the wonders of the games forever. 

There are some PlayStation games that have gained a wide and loyal fanbase. These games made themselves a firm place in the gaming industry with their mind-blowing graphics, storyline, and character arcs. Players never feel bored revisiting these games, even after years of release. Just like how Sims and GTA: San Andreas ruled the PC games. Here are the top 5 PS4 games of all time. 

5. The Last of Us Part II

Every aspect of The Last of Us Part II was mesmerizing. From the depth of character arcs to the highly defined graphics, this post-apocalyptic game has firmly placed itself in the video gaming industry. Set five years after the first game, the second installation focuses on Ellie and Abby, whose lives intertwine as they survive the post-apocalyptic world. The Last of Us Part II is also one of the best-selling PlayStation video games. 

When was PlayStation introduced?
  • A. 1999
  • B. 1997
  • C. 2001
  • D. 2005

4. Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series is always a fan favorite, no matter the year or the version. GTA V stepped up in the gaming world with highly detailed maps, three-playable characters, and jaw-dropping missions. 

3. The Last of Us

Naughty Dog knows what players love and never fails to deliver the best version of their expectations. Though The Last of Us Part II had a better graphical setting, the first part stays close to players’ hearts. Set 20 years after the post-apocalyptic event where affected creatures known as The Infected decimated human civilization, Joel, a hard-hearted survivor, finds a fatherly connection with Ellie as they travel across the US in search of hope in humanity. 

2. Uncharted: A Thief’s End

It is not at all a surprise that Naughty Dog claimed three spots in the Top 5 chart. No video game can come close to Uncharted: A Thief’s End’s storytelling. The story and details are so mesmerizing and satisfying that even players who always hate the cinematics would not hit the ‘Skip’ button. This part is also special for longtime fans as A Thief’s End was the last game featuring the series’ protagonist Nathan Drake. The game is just a rollercoaster of emotions and a stunning piece of work in the gaming industry.  

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

What is the top 1 game on PS4? It’d be unbelievable if Rockstar Games didn’t get the top spot in the video games chart. Taking the players all the way back to the Wild West Era in 1899, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an adrenaline-rush-worthy mix of robbery, adventure, action, and so much more. 

We got you the ultimate PlayStation quiz to test your knowledge on the best games of all time! 

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