Can Sharks Get Cancer?

Elmira | 08 - 14 - 2023
Can Sharks Get Cancer

Can Sharks Get Cancer :

It is rare that Sharks have cancer. But it can happen. In 1908, the first tumor was discovered in a shark. There are numerous samples gathered from sharks with cancerous tumors. These dark water predators are not immune to cancer.

In 1992 Sharks Don’t Get Cancer book was written by I. William Lane and Linda Comac. The book was published by Avery Publishing. The book title does not prove that sharks never get cancer. In 1908 first malignancy was discovered in a shark specimen. Lane and Comac further stated that it happened because shark cartilage had cancer-fighting elements. The powdered shark cartilage is utilized for cancer treatment and other health problems. However, there is no scientific evidence that shark cartilage is advantageous for preventing or treating cancer or any other health condition. The co-author of the book wrote another book on the same subject, titled Sharks Still Don’t Get Cancer.

Myth Sharks Don’t Get Cancer

It is a myth that sharks don’t get cancer! The shark cartilage contains antiangiogenic properties which mean sharks restrain the development of blood vessels. Shark skeletons are formed of cartilage and it preserves sharks from getting cancer. Recent researches and literature reviews have claimed that sharks have cancer but we cannot believe them without strong evidence. Shark had cancerous tumors, including chondromas (cancers of the cartilage). These incidents are not related to sharks’ high cartilage content. We still are lacking for more research and study on cancer in sharks.

1. How Long Do Sharks Live?
  • A. 20-30 years
  • B. 40-50 years
  • C. 30-40 years
  • D. 30-45 years

Are Sharks Immune to Cancer?

Sharks are not immune to cancer. But they won’t get cancer very often. Scientists have done research regarding it and found sharks don’t have bones and the structure of a shark body is made of cartilage. Sharks immune cells are created in the thymus and spleen that are released into the bloodstream. A few studies have done how cartilage may reduce the growth of tumors.

We still require accurate evidence that shark cartilage can prevent or cure cancer in humans. Catching sharks to manufacture shark cartilage products endangers the shark population. It also affects marine ecosystems. The myth that “sharks don’t get cancer” is a misconception that results in the unnecessary slaughter of sharks and also jeopardizing the lives of species.To know more about Amusing Facts about Shark Teeth view here..


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