Can You Identify Female Nobel Award Winners with a Single Image?

Elmira | 10 - 16 - 2021
Female Nobel Prize Winners

Do you think you are an expert on female Nobel Prize winners? Test your knowledge with our latest women’s Nobel Prize winners quiz to see where you stand. Winning such an honorable award takes constant hard work and face insurmountable challenges. 57 females have been awarded a Nobel Prize out of 900 recipients. These women received awards as they contributed to the worlds of science, medicine, art, and peace work. All these women’s stories are different and inspiring. In this Nobel winner picture quiz, you will learn about the female Nobel Prize winners. You can share this exciting quiz with your friends to see who scores the highest.


She Was the First Female to Receive Two Nobel Prizes. Can You Identify a Female Nobel Prize Winner?
  • A. Betty Williams
  • B. Marie Curie
  • C. Youyou Tu
  • D. Svetlana Alexievich
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