Facts About Christmas in Poland

Julia | 12 - 14 - 2020
Why do the Polish celebrate on Christmas Eve

The Polish celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas widely known as the day when Jesus Christ was born. The traditional Polish Christmas Eve traditions begin right after the appearance of the first star in the sky which represents the star of Bethlehem. Do you know why do Polish celebrates Christmas on the 24th and what type of dishes will be present at traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner?  Look through the blog to know more interesting facts about Christmas in Poland.

Why Do Polish Celebrate Christmas on 24th December?

People in Poland start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve as it was the day when Jesus Christ was born. And the traditional Polish wigilia begins after the appearance of the first star that corresponds to the star of Bethlehem. 

Polish Christmas Eve Traditions

The Poland peoples follow some unique Christmas Eve traditions like spreading hay beneath the table cloth which represents the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger. With respect to Polish Christmas traditions, an empty seat is left at the dinner table for lord Jesus or a wanderer who has no shelter or a family. Followed by exchanging gifts and midnight Christmas mass and carols in the church. 

The Polish Don’t Eat Red Meat on Christmas Eve.
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Traditional Polish Christmas Eve Dinner

The traditional Polish Christmas Eve supper is known as Wigilia and the feast begins after the appearance of the first star. According to tradition, the Polish start their Christmas Eve supper by breaking the oplatek (Christmas wafer) and share it with their family members. Followed by the tradition of serving 12 different dishes in the remembrance of 12 apostles that includes Polish Gingerbread, Red Borscht with Mushroom dumplings, Cabbage with Split Peas, Vegetable Salad, Carp: Fried or Baked in Aspic, Mushroom and Cabbage Pierogi, Rice Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Plaited Jewish bread, Polish Cheesecake, Wheat-flour, and Honey Dessert, Poppy Seed Cake, Smoked Fruit Cordial. 

Christmas Mass & Carols 

The traditional Christmas carol in Poland is known as the pasterka which is held between the 24th and 25th of December. The churches and homes are decorated with traditional Polish glass baubles with lace details, garlands, homemade wreaths, ornaments, and candles. Christmas trees are decorated with stars and tree decorations. 

What Countries Celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December?

Not only Poland, countries like Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland also celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. 

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