Do you Know What Are Hurricanes Called in Other Parts of the World?

Julia | 11 - 23 - 2020
Do you Know What Are Hurricanes Called in Other Parts of the World

Tropical cyclones are called by various names around the world like hurricanes, storms, and typhoons. In the Northeast Pacific, it is called hurricanes. But the same cyclone is known as a typhoon in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Tropical cyclones, fierce circular storms that originate over the tropical or subtropical regions and they get to develop over the course of warm water and use that as an energy source. If you are not aware of what are hurricanes called in other parts of the world? Read the blog to know more about it.


The hurricane is characterized by its low atmospheric pressure, high winds, and heavy rain. Coastal regions get affected the most by hurricanes. And the strength of the hurricane gets reduced when it moves over to the landside. The combination of water and high winds made the cyclone a serious hazard.

What Are Hurricanes Called in the Pacific Ocean?
  • A. Hurricanes
  • B. Typhoons
  • C. Storms
  • D. Cyclones


What Are Hurricanes Called in Other Parts of the World?

There are different names for Hurricanes like Cyclones, Storms, and Typhoons. They all are basically the same but have different names with respect to the place where they appear.


Hurricanes – Northern Hemisphere

Tropical storms that form over the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are called Hurricanes. The Atlantic Ocean region includes the North Atlantic ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The tropical storms here vary widely from year to year ranging from one to twenty-five per year. Nearly 11 storms occur each season. The Pacific Ocean region includes the Northeastern Pacific Ocean which has the highest number of storms per unit area. This storm affects western Mexico, United States, California, and northern Central America.



The tropical storms formed on the Northwest Pacific ocean are known as the Typhoons. It is the most active region for typhoons which accounts for nearly one-third of the cyclone activity. The northwest pacific region covers the north of the equator and the south china sea that affects china, hong kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam in addition to the ocean islands. The typhoons are recognized as a hurricane in Asia when it crosses over from east to west direction.


Cyclones – Southern Hemisphere

The tropical storms that form in the southern hemisphere region and mediterranean sea are known as the Cyclones. The southern hemisphere region includes the Southwest Indian Ocean, the South Pacific ocean, the South Atlantic ocean, and also the Australian region. The tropical cyclones which form in this area affect various island nations and Africa and Australia’s coastal region. Cyclones rarely form in the tropical ocean areas of the South Atlantic ocean. Hence it is not officially classified as a tropical cyclone basis.

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