Everything You Need to Know about I’m Feeling Lucky Button

Ashley | 12 - 24 - 2020
You Need to Know about I’m Feeling Lucky Button

Have you ever noticed the “I’m feeling lucky” icon on the homepage? Have you ever wondered what is the I’m feeling lucky button for? Have you tried using it? In this article, we will discuss what does I’m feeling lucky on google means

How Does ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Icon Work? 

In the initial stages, the search engine was not as advanced as it is now. Usually, we search by typing the phrase and pressing the Google Search button. Google displays the result page with different websites that match the phrase we searched for. 

What is the I’m feeling lucky button? When you use the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, it saves you a few extra seconds by directly going to the first-ranked page. Let’s discuss in-depth about the I’m feeling lucky’ icon and how it works. 

In Which Year, It Was Estimated That It Cost $110 Million for 1% Queries That Have Passed through the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button per Year?
  • A. 2005
  • B. 2007
  • C. 2009
  • D. 2011
  • What does I’m feeling lucky do? When one wants to search for a piece of information online, Google filters the search results according to the top results today. But back then, it could not do it. A person has to browse through the search results and Google ads in order to find a particular link. But the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button helped users to skip Google ads and to reach the top-searched result directly in order to save time. 

How to Use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Icon?

  • You can find the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button only in the desktop version of Google. 
  • Another way to access this feature in the address bar: Type backslash and press tab. 

Now the user has to type a query and click on the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ icon so that the user would be directed to the page that was listed in the top search result. 

This button used to cost Google millions of dollars per year. In 2007, it was estimated that around 1% Google search queries that have passed through the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button cost a hefty sum of $110 million per year. This is because these searches skipped Google ads leading to a loss of revenue. 

Later, Google Instant was launched in 2010. This allowed the search results to appear in the search bar as one types. After the launch of this feature, the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature was discontinued. But however, Google did not want to delete this feature completely; therefore it was updated to show different animations such as I’m feeling puzzled, I’m feeling trendy, I’m feeling Doodley, etc. 

If you hold up your cursor over the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, it spins showing other moods. You can spin this and play to see what your luck turns to. You can also select a particular mood you are feeling today and you will end up getting the related results. For example, if you choose ‘i’m feeling hungry’, you can view the local restaurant options. 

What Is the List of Google Emotions?

  • I’m Feeling Wonderful- Brings you to the Google World Wonders Project
  • I’m Feeling Doodley- Searches for random doodles
  • I’m Feeling Hungry- searches for local restaurants
  • I’m Feeling Playful- takes you to random interactive doodle
  • I’m Feeling Trendy- takes you to the most trendy searches
  • I’m Feeling Generous- Displays several foundations where you can help the poor
  • I’m Feeling Artistic- Takes you to Google’s Art Project page.
  • I’m Feeling Curious- Displays search results that contain curious information
  • I’m Feeling Lucky- Takes you to the first result
  • I’m Feeling Puzzled- Takes you to the A Google A Day page
  • I’m Feeling Stellar- Takes you to Google Earth’s explore page


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