Fascinating Facts About the Wordle Game

Elmira | 06 - 14 - 2022

Wordle became the first viral trend of 2022. Launched for free to the public in October 2021, this word game grew instantly popular. By the beginning of 2022, the Wordle game reach was so humongous that it caught the eyes of investors in The New York Times. The newspaper quickly decided to acquire the game for a whopping seven-figure sum!

Once acquired, Twitter gave the game its viral status when tons of Wordle players shared their scores along with Wordle emojis. Soon the gray, green and yellow boxes, synonymous with the Wordle game, filled up our timelines. This simple word game went viral and people began muting the word “wordle” on their social media platforms.

How Do You Play the Wordle Game?

Wordle is Not an App.
  • A. True
  • B. False

Each day there is one five-letter word that is the “wordle of today”. There are no clues given. There are six guesses to find the correct wordle. You have to guess a five-letter word and start. If you add the correct letter in the right tile, it turns. The correct letter in the wrong tile makes it turn yellow. Any letter that is not in the word at all shows up in gray.

Duplicates, Cheat Codes, and Wordle Archive

The five-letter words, six guesses, and simple nature of the wordle game hit a sweet spot with everyone playing. Sharing the scores and guessing the correct wordle became a clout factor. Soon there were duplicate Wordle games, cheat codes, and websites that helped people win the wordle game. 

One such popular website is Wordle Archive. It gave the Wordle game players extra practice. When you open the website to play Wordle archive, it will contain previous wWrdle puzzles. Recently, the website stopped working, leaving Wordle regulars to wonder what happened.

The website answered, “Sadly, the New York Times has requested that the Wordle Archive be taken down. However, you can still play the daily Wordle over on their official site.”

Humble Beginnings of the Wordle Game

Josh Wardle, a software engineer at Reddit wanted to make a fun game to play for himself and his partner during the pandemic. The software developer loved playing crosswords and word-related quizzes so much that he decided to create his own. Wordle is a play on Josh’s last name Wardle. Initially played between him and his partner, the game soon became a hit among his family WhatsApp group. Thus, making him think about going public. 

Almost Discarded

Little did Josh Wardle know in 2013 that his prototype game would become so famous! Yes, Wardle created a prototype of his game in 2013 and showed his group of friends. They were unimpressed, so he decided to shelve the idea.

Despite this, the Wordle game still made it to everybody’s favorite list.

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