Giraffe Facts: The Tallest Animal in the World

Elmira | 01 - 10 - 2022

Giraffes are cute, silent, and the tallest mammal in the world. What makes a giraffe a unique animal is its height and appearance. With 16-20 feet in height, there is no wonder why giraffes have been recognized as the tallest living animal in the world. They weigh up to 3,500 pounds, featuring long necks that can grow up to 6 feet. Giraffe’s neck contributes to half of the height. Its legs are taller than most adult humans. Discover more engaging facts about the tallest animal in the world. Participate in our enjoyable quiz on the unique creature-giraffe here.

Unbelievable Facts about Tallest animal in the world

Want to know how giraffes differ from other animals? Let’s satisfy your curiosity with these impressive facts about the tallest mammal. 

  • The giraffe, the tallest mammal in the world, is even-toed ungulate. It is also considered the largest ruminant on Earth and the tallest living terrestrial animal.
  • Giraffes have horn-like ossicones and spotted coat patterns. It comes under the family Giraffidae, along with the closest relative the okapi.
  •  Giraffes are not listed as endangered due to their population. Though the population has decreased over the past three decades from over 150,000 to 100,000, according to the research.
  • Giraffes live in savannas and woodlands. They consume fruits, leaves, and flowers of woody plants.
  • Giraffes are known as the biggest pollinators in the world.
  • Giraffes face difficulty in reaching the ground. So it spread the front leg to reach the ground to drink water. 
  • Giraffes drink water a few days once as it gets ample water from all the leaves and plants they consume.
  • The giraffe is also considered one of the quietest animals as it hardly makes the sound. Recently researchers prove that they can hum at night.
  • The baby giraffe is known as a calf that can wobble, soon after it is born. 
  • The giraffe is found in sub-Saharan Africa, distributed in North and West Africa.
  • The group of giraffes is referred to as ‘tower’ and also called a herd of giraffes
  • Male and female giraffes are born with horns. They are called ‘ossicones.’
  • Giraffes run fast, its speed is estimated at 35 miles an hour.
  • They spend most of their time standing up. They can sleep and give birth while standing up.


Where Does the Giraffe Live?
  • A. Savannahs of Africa
  • B. China
  • C. Japan
  • D. Germany
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