Architecture Trivia Questions

A large collection of architecture trivia facts.  Take our surprising modern architecture quiz about interesting architecture style, weird buildings, outstanding structures, stunning monuments, and landmarks you may not have previously known. Play our architecture quiz games on historical and modern buildings.

The Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World For Every Occasion
The most beautiful restaurants in the world to set your date night, schedule a proposal or just celebrate life at its fullest!
The Tallest Building in the US and Other US Skyscraper Facts
The Empire State building is not the tallest building in the U.S anymore! Get to know which is the tallest building in the US as of 2
The Most Indestructible Buildings in America
Many tallest buildings fail to withstand natural calamities! Play our quiz to know about the most indestructible building in America.
3 Sustainable Mushroom Structure Architectures You Must Know
Do you know that there are several structures built using mushroom bricks? Read on to find out more about such structures!
A South Korean Student Recycles Face Masks into Stools
Stools from disposable face masks? Sounds interesting? A student from South Korea tells us why this idea must work. Read now!
Petra Facts – The Lost City As Old As Time
Feel the rush of Adrenaline by getting to know some amazing Petra Facts that will bedazzle and take you back to kingdoms.
Everything You Must Know about Graffiti
Want to know how the art of graffiti originated? Learn everything about graffiti in this graffiti trivia and quiz!
Amazing Facts about the Erie Canal – 18th Century’s Marvelous Creation
What is the Erie Canal? Explore why it has a huge impact on New York State. Take history trivia quiz to widen your knowledge.
Can You Guess These Most Iconic Buildings in the World?
How well do you know these famous buildings from the last 100 years? Take this quiz on the 21st-century building.
A Brief History of the Revolving Restaurant
Revolving restaurants are a global craze. Discover amazing facts on the world’s first revolving restaurant at Washington State.
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