Literature Trivia Questions and Answers

Hunting for literature trivia? Browse our literary trivia questions to sharpen your mind. Literature trivia questions and answers are fascinating & allow you to think out of the box. We rounded up a large classic literature trivia, literature questions and answers, history of American literature quizzes, novels, poems, prose, plays & more under one roof!

Top 10 Famous Fictional Detectives
From Sherlock Holmes to Tintin, these famous fictional detectives never miss on their mystery cases. Check out the top fictional dete
Top 5 Irish Poets and Playwrights
Oscar Wilde, Brendan Behan, and Edna O’Brien are some of the best Irish writers whose works are famous around the globe.
Top 5 Famous American Writers and Their Bestsellers
Literature is an art that captures elements through words. Here are the top 5 Famous American Writers who ruled the literary world.
Will You Guess the Novel Character from the Movie?
Can you guess the novel character from the movie? Find out if your favorite book/movie character is there on the list or not.
Guess the Name of the 10 Most Famous Paintings
Do you like art? Then it's time to test your knowledge. Take our famous painting quiz and find out how much you know about art.
Can You Guess the Book Name by Its Cover? Take the Quiz
Finding a book when you don’t remember the title is easy now. Take our ‘guess the book title quiz’ online.
7 Books That Are Better Than the Movies: Here’s Why
Creating a book into a film is not an easy task. Discover these famous books that are better than movies.
Can You Score 10/10 On This Pixelated Author Quiz?
How well do you know these famous authors of all time? Take our exciting pixelated author quiz online.
Guess the Author by the Character from Their Iconic Novels
Take the challenge to guess the author by characters from their novels. Play our exciting name, the author's game, and have fun.
Why & How Are Words Removed from the Dictionary?
Do you know that words get removed from the dictionary when they become obsolete? But how and why? Read on to find more!
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