How Many US Presidents Have Faced Impeachment?

Julia | 03 - 14 - 2023
US Presidents

The act of eliminating a public official due to serious misconduct performed in an office is known as impeachment. In the USA, the history of impeached presidents is quite high compared to other nations. Most US presidents are not impeached officially by both houses of the US Congress. In the United States Senate, a mandatory trial occurs during impeachment in which senators decide whether the president needs to remain in office or not. Since the establishment of the US Constitution in 1787, most American Presidents who faced Impeachment by the House, but the eviction of a president from office is rare. Let’s check out the list of American Presidents who faced impeachment to date. 

President Andrew Johnson 

The Tenure of Office Act passed by US Congress in 1867 focused on seeking congress approval by the president before terminating elected officials. This act was violated by president Johnson in August 1868 and he expelled the war secretary, Edwin M Stanton. After this scenario, an impeachment process began against Johnson covering illicit usage of war department funds. In 1868, he was officially accused by the House of Representatives and later remained in the white house during senate trial in the same year. 

President Richard Nixon 

Throughout history, Richard Nixon is remembered for the infamous Watergate scandal. The scandal of the president spread through the Washington Post covering the arrest of five burglars in Washington, DC.  Later, he resigned voluntarily from office once losing his political support before impeachment. Afterwards, he was removed from all charges by his descendant and vice president. 

Who is the second president impeached by the US House in 1998?
  • A. Andrew Johnson
  • B. Donald Trump
  • C. Richard Nixon
  • D. Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton 

The second president who was impeached by the house in US history in 1998 is named as Bill Clinton. Two allegations based on the respective person subjected to impeachment include a false statement in testimony related to sexual harassment and unrevealing his relationship with a white house employee. 

President Donald J Trump

The impeachment process against Donald J Trump is conducted twice and was saved by the republican senate both times. Firstly, he was charged with power abuse and justice obstruction in December 2019. The second impeachment happened when he initiated a violent coup during his speech time. 

Apart from these, other presidential impeachment cases are also visible in the US. A detailed overview of the impeachment process is described by the US Constitution in Articles I and II. We get a clear idea about the impeachment process once knowing the impeachment rules of the US Federal government. Let’s move to the quiz section to quickly identify American Presidents who Faced Impeachment. 

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