The 48-Star American Flag History

Ashley | 09 - 26 - 2023
48-Star American Flag

The 48-Star American flag was in effect for 47 years from 1912 to 1959. Here is everything you need to know about the American flag’s history.

American Flag Stars

The American flag stars represent the number of states that were part of the union during the said period while the stripes represented the original 13 colonies that formed the American subcontinent. 

  • The first U.S. flag was known as the Betsy Ross Flag.
  • It was created in 1977 by Betsy Ross.
  • It had thirteen stars arranged in a circle and was hoisted over the McHenry Fort
  • This flag was used during the American Revolutionary War in 1812.
  • Following it was the Stars and Stripes flag that was the official first flag to be hoisted on 1st May in  1795. 
  • It was also known as the Old Glory and Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Francis Hopkinson a naval flag designer from New Jersey designed this flag in 1777
  • There are still many claims and disputes over who designed and sewed the first U.S. flag. But Betsy Ross and Francis Hopkinson were popularly accepted.  
  • The 13 original colonies were Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia.
  • Vermont and Kentucky were the first states to join.

The 48-Star Flag History

  • The US flag with 48 stars is the second-longest flag to be in use following the current flag of the U.S. It was hoisted during the period of President Harry S Truman. 
  • The American flag with 48 stars was hoisted during World War Ⅱ. 
  • It is also known as the 1940s American flag for which soldiers and sailors fought. 
  • This flag came into existence after Arizona and New Mexico joined the Union. 

The Current U.S. Flag

  • The current flag has 50 stars with Hawaii joining the Union in 1959.
  • It was designed by Robert G. Heft of Ohio with 50 stars 
  • He has also designed a flag with 51 stars to be used in the future if another state joined the Union.
  • The official colors of the American flag are white, old glory red, and old glory blue.

When Did the American Flag Have 48 Stars on It?
  • A. World War Ⅰ
  • B. World War Ⅱ
  • C. Civil War
  • D. Revolutionary War
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