How Much Does the Human Brain Weigh?

Julia | 02 - 29 - 2020
How Much Does the Human Brain Weigh

The average adult human brain weight is 1300 to 1400 grams which are about 2 pounds.

What Is the Human Brain Made Of?

A human brain is mainly made of fats and proteins.  Apart from that, it has billions of neurons, glial cells, neural stem cells, and blood vessels. The brain works by electrochemical signals passed by the neurons.

Parts of Brain

Major part of a brain is called cerebrum and it is made of the cortex which has a skin fold like structure. The cerebrum has a division in the middle and it has four lobes which are destined to take care of different functions. Apart from that, there are cerebellum and brainstem

1. What Is the Largest Part of the Brain?
  • A. Cerebellum
  • B. Cerebrum
  • C. Brain Stem
  • D. Temporal Lobe

Brain Blood Barrier

Blood carries various substances like oxygen, nutrients, radicals and even pathogens in disease conditions. But our brain is made in such a way that it can protect itself as the harmful substances cannot pass into the brain.  This is because of the presence of endothelial cells in the surrounding blood vessels. These cells not only stop the toxins from entering the brain but also help maintain the hormone levels in the brain which are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain.

Weight of Human Brain Male and Female

Female brain weighs a little less than a male brain. Average human brain weight has nothing to do with the functions or performances of it.  The average brain weight of the adult male is 1336 grams. The adult female has a brain that weighs 1198 grams. The brain weight decreases with age.

Human Brain: Facts and Information

  • Dehydration may affect brain function as the brain has 75% water content
  • Information is carried to the brain through neurons and different information moves at various speeds.
  • The brain begins to lose some memory starting from age 30
  • In a small study, it is found that video games may improve cognitive skills
  • The brain uses 20% of the oxygen that blood carries

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