How to Deal with Election Anxiety in 7 Easy Ways?

Ashley | 11 - 02 - 2020
Election Anxiety

Election day is just around the corner and more than 70 percent of the people have voted that it is stressful to cope with election anxiety with the Coronavirus outbreak adding more impact. The survey shows that around 77% of the people feel stressed worrying about the country’s future, says Vaile Wright. In case you are wondering how to cope with election anxiety/ how to deal with election anxiety, here are 7 simple ways that you can follow.


  1. We are all aware of the shift in voting system. We are supposed to follow a mail-in voting system which could take weeks to process the results. This might make you feel anxious. In order to get over this feeling, you can plan your election day in a positive way. Once you are done with the voting process, take some time to do your favorite activities. It can be writing down your thoughts, going for a walk, or eating your favorite food. Involve yourself in activities that can make you feel good about yourself.
  2. Studies have shown that sharing your thoughts with your friends or family members will reduce your anxiety. Having emotional support will help you deal with your anxiety. Hence, talk with a friend or family member about how you feel. Keeping it in your mind might lead to overthinking and eventually gives you anxiety. Talk it out and get over it!
  3. You must know, you cannot control everything that happens in your life. Anxiety majorly occurs with the situation we cannot take control over. Meditation can majorly help you with handling such situations.
  4. Instead of thinking about the negative effects of the election, have a positive mindset. It might take longer time for the results to be revealed. Till then, thinking about the worst case scenarios might make the situation terrible. Hope for the best things to happen.
  5. Instead of looking for news about elections, you can look for something else to keep you distracted but if you find it hard to resist seeing news related to elections you can take a break. Social media can be a platform that keeps you updated about daily happenings about the election. A week before and after the election can be a stressful period for people with election anxiety. In such a case, try to take a break from social media. This way you will be able to deal better with your election anxiety.
  6. Once the election gets over, try not to discuss it with anyone. If you are discussing the elections, you might end up thinking more about it and can increase your anxiety. But if you feel it is also important to keep you updated about certain information of the elections, just know enough information that is needed. Do not touch the topic that you think might make you anxious. Stay away from TV and other sources that provide you election updates. Just rely on sources that provide appropriate and only necessary information
  7. This is the last but important thing to remember. Try to cope with election anxiety by following the mentioned steps, but if you still cannot get over it, you might have to visit a therapist. If you are already undergoing therapy, you might know how to deal with the situation. But if you are newly dealing with election anxiety, make sure you visit a good therapist. Talk about your problems freely and your therapist will surely help you get out of the situation. Many people have wrong assumptions about visiting a therapist but to be honest, it can help you get over all your mental problems.

When Is the United States Presidential Election 2020?
  • A. November 2, 2020
  • B. November 3, 2020
  • C. November 4, 2020
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