I Am the First Soft Drink in Space, Do You Know Me?

Ashley | 07 - 06 - 2021
Coca-Cola in Space

Everything in space is a dream come true for many. No boundaries, no weapons, no disputes, and on top of all no gravity to hold down but what about the restrictions that come along? Here is everything you need to know about the first soft drink in space.

Can Astronauts Drink Soda in Space?

Soda in space was not allowed until 1985 because a soda mishap could cost them lives and huge damage to machinery. 

But how long would they postpone the inevitable? Thus, on the 13th of July 1985, the Space Shuttle Challenger carried both Coca-Cola and Pepsi along with a space Coke dispenser after several rounds of testing the volatility of these famous soft drinks in a controlled environment into space. 

Why Was Coke Chosen Over Pepsi in Space?
  • A. Astronauts Liked Coke
  • B. Coke Submitted an Application First
  • C. Coke Gave a Dispenser
  • D. All of the Above

Following this, astronauts were allowed to consume soda in space.  

What Was the First Soft Drink to Be Consumed in Outer Space?

The first soft drink consumed in outer space was Coca-Cola followed by Pepsi. The two famous sodas had an 8-hour gap between them, NASA said in its interview after Coke had bragged about being the first soft drink and the first soft drink dispenser equipment to be used in space. 

Coca-Cola in Space

Though Coke in space was tested in 1985, it didn’t become a normal item on the menu until 1996. Here is why soda in space is avoided by astronauts:

  • Carbonated drinks can become too foamy for consumption in zero gravity.
  • The carbon dioxide in the drink may not be fully digested by the human body in space.
  • The undigested carbon dioxide could erode the throat and stomach lining.
  • Sodas can open on their own during turbulence leading to accidents.
  • NASA is trying hard to control littering in space and soda cans can leave carbon footprints.

Firsts In Space

  1. The first food in space was pureed meat and chocolate sauce in paste form.
  2. The first vegetable to be grown in space was potatoes
  3. Tang was the first non-soda drink in space.
  4. Espresso was the first coffee to be consumed in space.
  5. Chocolate chip cookies were the first food to be baked in space.  

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