Interesting Facts about Animals That Don’t Make Noise

Elmira | 07 - 30 - 2021

Not all animals can make sounds. They are often called silent animals. Read on to learn more facts about animals that don’t make noise.

Quietest Animals in the World

Want to know which animal does not make any sound? Animals that do not make noise include snails, butterflies, worms, hermit crabs, goldfish, Jellyfish, Sea Urchins, and sharks. Snakes, turtles, lizards, and rabbits are known as silent creatures as they do not vocalize noises though they are capable of making the sound.

Mammals have a voice box called a larynx and birds have a syrinx. They all can make sounds. Woodpeckers are the best example of birds that successfully manage to make sounds though they do not vocalize. Crickets and grasshoppers are insects that do not have a larynx or a syrinx but are still capable of generating noises by rubbing legs or wings. Fish can make sounds but they can hardly be listened to.

Which Animal Does Not Make Any Sound?
  • A. Cats
  • B. Tiger
  • C. Giraffe
  • D. Fox

Sharks are known as silent animals, but they do make a hydrodynamic sound while eating. They don’t have organs to generate sound. Animals that have a circulatory system and heartbeat are known as the quietest animals. People can listen to the circulation with the right type of microphone. A sea sponge is known as a complete silent animal.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the animals that cannot make noises.

Are Giraffes Silent?

Giraffes do not roar, oink or moo. According to new research, they do make a distant sound. Giraffes can hum. It is believed that giraffes can’t generate sounds. In the recent study published in the journal, BioMed Central researchers recorded giraffes making low-pitched humming for over 940 hours at the three zoos.

The research published the recorded humming sounds that the giraffes produced only at night.

Does a Jellyfish Make Any  Sound?

Jellyfish come under the list of animals that do not have a brain. It doesn’t generate any form of noise for communication. They float in water.

Worms Are Also Silent

Worms do not vocalize communication. To communicate with each other, they use taste and touch. They are capable of feeling vibrations and mild earthquakes. It will swiftly move to the surface. 

Sea Urchins Do Not Make Any Sounds

Sea Urchins don’t make sounds with their mouth and they don’t have brains like jellyfish. The only noise people can hear is when Sea Urchins walks on the small pebbles at the bottom of the sea or in the aquarium.

Do Fish Make Sounds?

People think fishes are silent creatures. Many fishes can vocalize except goldfish. Let’s take a closer look at how fishes make sounds.

Most fishes make sounds through their mouths but they don’t have vocal cords. They make noise to interact or express fear or pain.

Fishes also generate sounds to interact, mate or threaten predators.

You can say that all animals are capable of making sounds if we are talking about mechanical sounds that include eating, moving, or fighting.

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