Interesting Facts about Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Remote

Elmira | 02 - 11 - 2021
Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Remote

The Chubby Buttons Remote is a clickable, stickable, and wearable wireless Bluetooth controller for smartphones. This product features big easy-press buttons for comfortable use while wearing your gloves. It is suitable to use in all smartphones, music applications, and headphones (both wireless and wired).

Chubby Buttons is lightweight. You can stick them on your wrist while running, biking, skiing, and performing other activities. It provides access to controls that include play, pause, adjust volumes, and skip tracks. The Chubby Buttons Remote is the best gadget that allows you to ride free. Chubby Buttons is also referred to as a Bluetooth music remote.

Facts about Chubby Buttons

We have rounded up the helpful features and benefits of this modern gadget. Also, take our fun quiz on Chubby Buttons facts.

Is Chubby Button an Easy-Touch Bluetooth Music Remote?
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  • B. No

It Can Be Your Virtual Assistant

Chubby Buttons can be connected to control Siri for iPhone and Google Assistant for Android remotely.

For Watching Movies and Taking Selfies 

In Chubby Buttons, all you have to do is set up your mobile camera to walk back into the frame, then select “+” as a selfie remote. Pair Chubby Buttons to Apple TV to control play, pause, and volume levels while watching movies.

Control Tunes

You can easily control tunes like never before. For the iPhone, you can control media easily plus track scrubbing forward and back.

Handle Phone Calls

It is also possible to answer or reject incoming calls while using Chubby Buttons. Mute and Hang-Up options are only available for Android phones. In the iPhone Zoom Application, features like mute, unmute, and adjust volume levels are available.

When to Use

It is best for sports with gloves, perfect for busy hands. You can easily access the big buttons with gloves/sweaty hands. Upgrade your stuff to the next level with Chubby Buttons. You can detach the armband and stick Chubby to flat surfaces with its non-suction backing. You can stick in mirrors, showers, car radios, and more.

You Can in All-Weather Use

Do not worry about thinking that your phone can fall on snowy slopes, or soaked in rains or steamy washrooms. 

It is water-resistant and allows you to use it in any weather conditions with ease. It does not damage snow, splashes, rain, dust, wind, and chilling temperature. It is the perfect gadget for athletes, hikers, and those who have active lifestyles.


It is durable and lightweight for sports or any physical activity. It is suitable for all mobiles, music applications, headphones for both wired and wireless, and Bluetooth speakers.

 Battery Life

Chubby Buttons help save the mobile battery life in cold weather. 

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