La Palma Volcano Eruption 2021: Here’s What You Need to Know

Elmira | 09 - 30 - 2021
La Palma volcano eruption

The volcanic eruption in Spain’s Canary islands forced people to evacuate from the place as the lava is continuously engulfing houses and forests on the island of La Palma. 

Nothing can be scarier than lava! Red hot La Palma lava from the volcano makes its way towards the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday evening, leaving a trail of destruction behind. Lava from the eruption on Spain’s La Palma island entered the ocean. Hence, it can increase the chance of releasing toxic gases and explosions. Read on to discover more about Spain’s  recent volcano eruption here. 

La Palma Volcano Eruption 2021

When will the La Palma volcano erupt? A volcanic eruption took place in La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands on Tuesday evening. Nearly nine days later the lava began overflowing towards Spain’s Canary Islands and reached the Atlantic ocean. This lava overflowing forces people to leave their houses as the lava can engulf the towns in ash. People are at high risk of losing their businesses and homes. According to the authorities, the lava entered La Palma island within 800 meters of the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday morning. They also warned that the lava can meet seawater and could trigger explosions as a result it can release toxic gas.

When Did the La Palma Volcano Last Erupt?
  • A. 1971
  • B. 1990
  • C. 1980
  • D. 1975

Clouds of white steam have been rising on the island as a red hot current met the water in the Playa Nueva area. The cloud may trigger a chemical reaction containing chlorine that could harm the skin and eyes and cause breathing problems. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed because of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands which erupted on 19th September. Around 6,000 people were evacuated when the lava swallowed houses and other buildings. Earlier, three coastal villages locked down in anticipation of the lava may contact the water. The Spanish authorities announced that La Palma is expecting financial support for all those affected areas due to the volcanic activity.

What Are the Dangers?

La Palma lava can create destruction to people and property because when the lava meets ocean water it can produce a gas plume called laze- lava and haze. Science journalist and volcanologist Dr. Robin George Andrews told the BBC that the lava can generate a stream of hydrochloric acid, bits of ash, and water vapor. He said, during a volcano eruption, it is not a great idea to breathe in. Laze plumes cause eye, skin, and lung irritation. People can stay away from it to avoid these problems.

Volcanic explosions can also occur and lava making contact with seawater can create “a pressure-cooker situation” that “might fling out volcanic debris”. In Hawaii, there was an incident, where a part of melted rock, also called a lava bomb, damaged the tourist’s boat in 2018, and 23 people were injured. It is better if authorities set an isolation zone area to keep people away from danger. Spain announced its island as a disaster zone due to volcanic eruption.

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