Lesser Known Facts About US History

Elmira | 01 - 30 - 2022
Lesser Known Facts About US History

Since 1776, the US has faced many wars, massacres, achievements, and experiences in history. Whether you are an American or you’re visiting the US, learning these lesser-known facts about US history can expand your knowledge. With more than 328 million people, the US is well known for its culture, technology innovation, popular movies, and music. Looking for interesting facts about the United States? From wars to milestones, learn about 50 states and 250-years of history through this blog.

Unbelievable Facts About US History

Scroll down to learn true facts about US history.

Who Was the First Woman to Lead a Raid During the Civil War?
  • A. Harriet Tubman
  • B. Georgia Tubman
  • C. Stella Tubman
  • D. None of the Above
  • The Great Molasses flood that occurred in 1919 led to deadly consequences.(please rephrase)
  • During the American Revolution, opening shots were fired at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts in April 1775.  
  • President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory in 1803 from France.
  • Earlier, New York was named New Amsterdam due to settlement by the Dutch. The name was changed to New York in the 17th Century.
  • Women weren’t allowed to submit a credit application at the bank in the absence of men till 1974.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg contributed to the Civil War for the North. As a result, Confederate troops were compelled to retreat to the North again.
  • The Civil War’s first fire was shot at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
  • Earlier, Alaska was a part of Russia, not the United States.
  • The North occupied Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1863. It divided the Confederacy in two and handed over the control of the Mississippi River to the Union.
  • The 12th president of the United States Zachary Taylor died in a weird way as his death was associated with eating milk and cherries.
  • Crater Lake in Oregon is known as the deepest in the US and holds the record of the second-deepest on the continent.
  • Three out of five world’s oldest rivers run through 50 US states. The New, Susquehanna and French Broad rivers are between 265 and 325 million years old.
  • The country is home to 42,000 ZIP codes and the US president has a unique ZIP code to ensure personal mail reaches the president and his family.
  • With about $3.2 trillion, California defeated the entire United Kingdom in GDP. It means if California is a country, it becomes the fifth largest economy in the world.

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