Can You Guess These Old School Video Games?

Elmira | 01 - 05 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

This Classic Video Game Was Released in 1993 and Created by Nintendo. In This Game, the Player Can Control the Italian Plumber to Win the Match. Can You Identify the Game?

Questions 2 - 10

This Arcade Game Holds the Record of Being the First Platform Game. It Was Launched on July 9, 1981.

Questions 3 - 10

It Is a Space Shooter Arcade Game, Where Players Can Control the Spaceship and Destroy Asteroids. Can You Guess the Video Game?

Questions 4 - 10

This 1980 Atari Arcade Shooter Remained Popular until the 1990s. It Allows the Players to Defend 6 Cities from Ballistic Missiles.

Questions 5 - 10

This Fantasy Action Video Game and Super Mario Were Created by the Same Person. Can You Guess the Retro Game?

Questions 6 - 10

According to the Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer's Edition, the Tile-Matching Video Game Was the First Video Game to Make It into Space.

Questions 7 - 10

In This Game, Players Collect Rings to Obtain a Chaos Emerald and Defeat Enemies. Can You Guess the Game?

Questions 8 - 10

It Is a 3D Driving Video Game, in Which the Player Controls a Ferrari Testarossa Spider.

Questions 9 - 10

The Action-Adventure Game Focuses on Exploration Where Players Will Search for Power-UPS. This Game Features a Grappling Beam, X-Ray Scope and Speed Booster.

Questions 10 - 10

It Is a Maze Action Game, Focused on Surviving on Several Levels of Puzzles without Being Eaten by Ghosts.