Can You Identify Which States These Celebrities Are From?

Eliza | 10 - 10 - 2021
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Questions 1 - 10

The Rock Comes from the State That Is Nicknamed the Land of Milk and Honey. Can You Guess the State?

Questions 2 - 10

Will Smith Is from the State That Is Famous for the Liberty Bell and Also Cheesesteaks. What State is Will Smith From?

Questions 3 - 10

The Mega-star Rihanna Is from the Birthplace of Rum. Which State Is She From?

Questions 4 - 10

Oprah Winfrey Is from the State That Played a Major Role in the Civil War. Guess the U.S State.

Questions 5 - 10

The Thor actor comes from the most livable city. Can you guess the state from which Chris Hermorth is from?

Questions 6 - 10

The King of Pop Music Justin Is from the Capital of Canada. Guess the City?

Questions 7 - 10

One of the Most Influential People in the American Entertainment Industry Brad Pitt Is from Sooner State. Can You Identify the State Name?

Questions 8 - 10

Kim Kardashian Is from a Southern U.S State That Is Famous for Disneyland. Guess the State.

Questions 9 - 10

Emma Watson Was Born in the City of Love. Can you Guess the Place?

Questions 10 - 10

Johnny Depp Is from a State That Is Bounded by the Ohio River in the North. Guess the U.S State.