Quiz on 10 Outright Weird Laws in Texas

Ashley | 04 - 16 - 2021
Strange Laws in Texas

The first thing we get reminded of when we hear Texas are Cowboys on horsebacks with their big hats, loud music, tasty Tex-Mex barbeques, sheriffs with dense mustaches, and bull riding. Get to know the strange laws in Texas with this fun trivia.

1. Weird Laws in Texas

Every state has its own laws. Here is a list of weird Texas laws that will astonish you:

  1. It is illegal to purchase liquor on Sundays, Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving Day. Residents usually stock up the day before or wait till midnight.
  2. Britannica’s encyclopedia is banned in Texas as it has the recipe to brew a beer.
  3. Texas anti-crime law requires criminals to give their victims a 24-hour heads-up before committing a crime.
  4. It is illegal to use a feather duster to dust public buildings in Texas.
  5. Wire cutters should not be carried in pockets in Austin.

2. Dumb Laws in Texas

Texans are loud and proud but never dumb. Yet, these stupid laws in Texas make us second guess their intelligence.

Which Vehicle Shouldn’t Be Driven down Broadway before Sunday Noon
  • A. Trucks
  • B. Motor Cars
  • C. Bicycles
  • D. RVs
  • It is stupid to mess with a Texan but these tough Texans are not allowed to shoot buffaloes from the second story of a hotel.
  • Another dumb law in Texas is people are not allowed to milk stranger’s cows. Like, isn’t that common sense?
  • It is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday. 
  • It is necessary to get a $5 permit if you wish to walk barefoot in public.
  • You can be sentenced to a year in jail if you adjust your stockings in Denison and Bristol.

3. Crazy laws in Texas

Since we are done with the weird and dumb laws, it is time for the crazy ones.

  • You will get legally married to a person in Texas if you call them your wife/husband thrice in public.
  • Obtaining permission from the owner before eating out of their dumpster is a prerequisite in Texas.
  • In Texarkana, it is illegal to ride a horse without taillights.

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