10 Weird Laws in Hawaii You Must Know

Emma | 04 - 14 - 2021
Weird Laws in Hawaii

Aloha state boasts beautiful beaches, attractions, and unique laws. Explore these and participate in a quiz to learn about their origins.

Weird and Dumb Laws in Hawaii

1. No Billboards

Hawaii was the first state to ban billboards. The Hawaiian government decided to ban billboards from maintaining the gorgeousness of the state. Billboards can hide the beautiful view of Hawaii, so they passed a law not to erect billboards. Well, this isn’t a dumb law? Read further to know more weird Hawaii laws.

2. Residents Should Own a Boat

This is one of the strange laws in Hawaii. As a resident of Hawaii, it is mandatory to own a boat. Residents will be fined if they don’t have a boat.

As per Hawaiian Law, Every Hawaii Resident Must Own a Boat.
  • A. True
  • B. False

3.  Don’t Disturb Pigeons

It is illegal to disturb pigeons in Hawaii state parks.  

4. Tattoos behind Ears Are Forbidden

This is one of the crazy laws in Hawaii. If you want a tattoo behind the ears or on the eyelid, you should visit a doctor rather than a tattoo artist.

5. Twins Can’t Work Together  

Twins are not allowed to work together for the same company in Hawaii. They’re not allowed to work together, but they can roam around and enjoy the splendid beaches and landscapes of Hawaii.

6.  Don’t Place Coins in Your Ears.

Placing coins in your ears is illegal in Hawaii because, in 1900, when Hawaii was a part of the United States, an order was passed to destroy all Hawaiian coins so people would hide them in their ears, but now it is a sign of being a drug dealer.

7. Building Should Not Be Taller Than a Palm Tree

Hawaii prohibits building structures taller than palm trees, a strange law deemed strange.

8. Only One Drink At a Time

Hawaii’s alcohol law permits only one drink at a time. In 2014, the Hawaii government repealed the law saying it might encourage people to drink quickly to receive more. This is definitely one of the stupid laws in Hawaii!

9. It’s Illegal to Wear Swimsuits in Public

It is illegal to wear swimsuits in the streets of Hawaii. This law applies to all places in Hawaii. If one disobeys the law, Hawaii authorities will take severe action.

10. Keeping More Than 15 Pets Is Prohibited

If you’re a pet lover and planning to move to Hawaii, remember you’re not allowed to keep more than 15 dogs or cats in your home. That’s one of the dumb laws in Hawaii, isn’t it?

These weird Hawaii laws are actually on the books. Though these crazy laws in Hawaii seem weird, bizarre, and funny, every Hawaiian must obey them.

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