Surprising Facts About The Mall Of America

Iris | 03 - 17 - 2023
The Mall Of America

The Mall of America stands out as the largest mall in the United States, with 520 stores, 50 restaurants, an amusement park with 24 rides, and a million-gallon aquarium across. The mall is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Here are some surprising facts about The Mall Of America one of the major tourist-attracting spots in the nation: 

Mall of America facts & figures

The Mall of America gets significant visits from the people who land to stroll through the nation or the state. 4 in 10 visitors who come to the mall are tourists. 

Seven-acre play area

The Nickelodeon universe inside the Mall of America is a spacious indoor area for the children to play around. The theme park has 27 rides, which will be an absolute fascination for any toddler visiting. 

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8000+ weddings

This is one of the amazing Mall of America facts. The Chapel of love in the Mall of America has hosted more than 8300 weddings. The place where thousands of couples tied their knots for nearly 30 years and started their beautiful journey no longer allows any wedding in the chapel. 

86 hours

Strolling through the entire thousands of acres of the Mall of America will take approximately 86 hours. The estimation is calculated with a minimum of 10 minutes spent in each of the 520 Mall of America stores. 

12,000+ parking spots

The mall should be equipped to accommodate the large crowd approaching the mall. The mall has 12,287 parking spaces. The spots have green and red lights to indicate the ones occupied and vacant. 

Tons of steel

The mall required 13,000 tons of steel for the building to stand tall. The steel used to build the Mall of America is more than twice the amount of steel used for the Eiffel tower

Compared to the Magic Kingdom

The Mall of America attracts more than 40 million visitors per year, which is more than double the number of visitors to the Magic Kingdom. 


The largest mall is so spacious that it was a stadium before turning into this mall of grandeur. The Mall of America replaced the Metropolitan Stadium, where The Minnesota Kicks of the North American Soccer League was one of the series of games played. The stadium also hosted the Beatles games. 

Hope you gained some knowledge and learned some surprising facts about The Mall Of America. Check out our quiz below to test your understanding of the mall. 

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