The Future of Shopping is on YouTube!

Ashley | 11 - 16 - 2021
The Future of Shopping

What is the future of shopping? It is comfort over style or style over comfort. From luxurious to insane essentials, how is YouTube influencing the world of fashion with viral videos? Find out with this quiz.

The Future of Shopping Online

Over 40% of online shoppers worldwide concentrated in major locations like the U.S, U.K, Germany, France, Japan, India, North Korea, and Australia have reported they shopped after discovering products from their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media feed. 

Psychologists say, coming across the same product within short intervals will automatically trigger the human brain to develop the urge to buy it. Thus, when you show remote interest or happen to come across a product on a certain social media platform, you are bound to come across the same product on other sites as well. This makes you believe that many people are buying these products, and your mind convinces you to buy them regardless of need.

Why Is E-commerce Successful?
  • A. Ease of Access
  • B. Choices
  • C. Pricing
  • D. All of the Above

Making an ad with rich color combinations, short, catchy captions, and tonnes of comments makes each product stand out uniquely. This increases the desire to own such products. The future of shopping lies in the hands of businesses that effectively use these tricks to deceive the human mindset.

Retail shopping is a tiresome task for introverts, young mothers, old people, indecisive individuals, and generally anybody who hates long queues. Online shopping eliminates these disadvantages in an instant.

YouTube Shopping

YouTubers usually add a product link in their description to help viewers shop the products that caught their attention. YouTube is currently testing out its Beta version for shopping. The app has introduced a bag icon just beside the subscribe icon to assist users in adding the product directly to their cart.

The YouTube algorithm will, later on, recommend products, videos, and sites similar to the products an individual adds to their cart for exploration. The media giant’s statistics believe that this could effectively alter the online shopping future and experience.

How Will Shopping Be in the Future?

The future of online shopping will definitely push the future of retail shopping aside. Large-scale businesses are currently shifting to using robots for manufacturing products and drones to deliver them to meet the ever-increasing need. China, the largest manufacturer and consumer of goods, determine the lifespan of most inventions. 

Ease of access, delivery and return options, availability of choices, brand consciousness, price sensitivity will become the common players ruling the market in the future.


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