Top 5 Pop Culture Moment 2024

Emma | 01 - 28 - 2021
Pop culture

Top 5 Pop Culture Moment 2024

Pop culture is a term used to describe anything that involves the public and predominates the society for a particular point in time. A lot of top pop culture events of the past decade that entertained us all. Though 2020 was like a roller-coaster ride, here and there some pop culture moments had popped up. Continue reading to know the top popular pop culture moment of 2024.

1. Taylor Swift’s Surprise at the Eras Tour:

2. Viral Video Sensation:

Can You Guess the Protest That Happened in the US in Which 15 to 20 Million People Participated and It’s One of the Largest Moments in the Country's History?
  • A. Black Lives Matter
  • B. American Slaveholder Protest
  • C. Election Results Protests
  • D. Black Friday Amazon Protest

3. Return of a Beloved Franchise:

4. Unexpected Celebrity Romance:

5. Award Show Speech Makes History:

An eloquent, stirring, or side-splitting speech at a prestigious award ceremony could become the next big meme and start a dialogue.

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