What Are the Five Social Media Sites That Failed Miserably?

Elmira | 11 - 28 - 2023
What Are the Five Social Media Sites That Failed Miserably

Five Social Media Sites That Failed

RIP to these social media sites!

Social media platforms have taken over our lives. A third of the world’s population is using social media. Though new social media sites are launching every now and then, only the best will stand out positively and gain followers and users.

Let’s have a look at some social media platforms which failed to reach the audience and fruitfully engage them.

1. In Which Year Was Friendster Launched?
  • A.  2000
  • B. 2002
  • C. 2003
  • D. 2004

1. Friendster

If you are wondering how Friendster dropped off so quickly? It was launched as a social networking site and later it turned into a social gaming site that dominated the Asian market since 2002. Then what went wrong? You can indulge in gaming not for a long time whereas people were looking for social interactions that were missing. Thereafter Facebook launched and Friendster couldn’t catch up. So it officially shut down in 2018.

2. My Space

Are you curious to know how My Space fell apart? It was a popular social networking site for musicians and bands before the world met Facebook. My Space was beaten by Facebook. The main reasons were its buggy technology and poor management. My Space was not completely dead it is still active. Though it is having rough times, it still tries to do the best.

3. Vine

Vine was a video hosting social media site which allowed users to upload 6-second videos. Twitter’s launch made Vine say goodbye to the world. Then social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram are tough competitors.

4. Yik-Yak

Yik-Yak was a social media app, it offered users to upload posts and share anonymously. It faced a huge failure because it caused cyberbullying, harassment and received complaints. It dropped off after receiving frequent complaints from feminist groups, parents and victims. The developers couldn’t stop the inevitable shut down.

5. Google +

If you want to know why did they decide to shut down? There was a bug that was found for more than 2 years. This App was company friendly rather than users friendly. Google plus was not able to do what it was supposed to do. Google also shut down its other social media sites such as Google Buzz, Google Connect and Orkut.

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