The most popular Pop culture moments of 2020

Eliza | 01 - 28 - 2021
Pop culture

Top 5 Pop Culture Moments of 2020

Pop culture is a term used to describe anything that involves the public and predominates the society for a particular point in time. A lot of top pop culture events of the past decade that entertained us all. Though 2020 was like a roller-coaster ride, here and there some pop culture moments had popped up. Continue reading to know the top popular pop culture moments of 2020.

Netflix Series

Series played a vital role in our lives because we spent 95% of 2020 at home. Not exaggerating, it was a life savior for many. Many streaming-service got millions of subscribers during the pandemic, in turn, many shows entered the limelight and top popular pop culture moments of 2020. Here are the 10 best Netflix series in 2020.

Shows that entered 2020 pop culture moments 

Can You Guess the Protest That Happened in the US in Which 15 to 20 Million People Participated and It’s One of the Largest Moments in the Country's History?
  • A. Black Lives Matter
  • B. American Slaveholder Protest
  • C. Election Results Protests
  • D. Black Friday Amazon Protest

Queen’s Gambit- This series is about the story of an orphan girl’s quest to become a grandmaster. In November, this show holds the record for the most-watched scripted limited series on Netflix. Within a month of its release 62 million accounts viewed the show. 

Love is Blind- This dating reality show is about thirty men and women who have never seen each other and are hoping to find Love. This dating reality show captures the hearts of millions. 

American President Election

 With many conflicts, support, and opposition, Biden won the election against Donald Trump. Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Washington DC and celebrated the result of Biden and Kamala’s victory. This was considered as the top popular pop culture moment 2020. 

NBA Championship

The Lakers won the NBA championship after defeating the Miami heat at Walt Disney resort in Florida. It was quite an emotional victory for this team because they won the championship after 10 years and nearly 9 months after the death of the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant


Oscars are also known as Academy Awards. The 92nd Academy awards took place on February 9, 2020, at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Parasite not only steals the heart of the audience but also the Oscars. Parasites won 4 Oscars and it’s the first non-English language film in Oscar history to win the award for best picture. 

Harry and Meghan 

Prince Harry and Megan said no to royal highness! 

Buckingham Palace announced that prince harry and his wife Meghan will no longer be members of the British royal family and said that Harry and Meghan will step back from all their duties including the military. Though the reason for their step-down from royal highness is unknown. People around the world were shocked by their decision. 


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