The UN Climate Report 2021 Highlights

Ashley | 11 - 02 - 2021
UN Climate Report 2021

What do you know about the UN Climate Report 2021? What are the key takeaways from the United Nations climate change report? Find out the highlights of the report below.

What Is the UN Report?

Every year the United Nations organization publishes an emission report. This report informs the public about the changes in greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 emissions, and various other factors that will impact the world’s climatic conditions in 2030. The report will also add details regarding sea level rise, melting glaciers, fluctuations in global temperature, and more.

2030 is set as the milestone because it is considered as the point of no return. Meteorologists have analyzed several data to find out when the ecological balance will tip irreversibly if current actions aren’t rectified.

Who Is the Publisher of UN Reports?
  • A. United Nations Rescue Programme
  • B. United Nations Development Programme
  • C. United Nations Environment Programme
  • D. United Nations Global Programme

UN Environment Report

The Paris Agreement was signed on 12th December 2015. The primary goal of this agreement was to push nations to reduce their carbon emission to reduce the global temperature by 2℃. The present COP26 climate pledges and measures to net-zero emissions will reduce global warming by 2.2℃ post-effective implementation. It informed about the progressions made by several nations under the Paris Agreement.

Climate Change Carbon Emissions

The report also highlighted that though the pledges were aimed at reducing the century’s overall temperature. Reducing carbon emissions, fossil fuel usage, recycling waste from agriculture and other industries would be highly effective in the short term. This could prevent worsening climate changes and create a sense of responsibility.

In order to implement this, nations would need to define clearer targets and rules. They should take the necessary steps to regulate emissions and industries strictly. Giving tax benefits and other incentives could encourage companies to go green. Adopting greener practices can be easier in developed countries in terms of cost while developing countries would suffer a setback given the cost of acquiring renewable energy sources. 

This, UN recommends developed countries to aid developing countries for the greater good at present.

UN Report on Climate Change 2021

‘The Heat Is On’ is the title and theme for the 2021 climate change report. The COP26 event at Glasgow was organized to discuss the contents of this report. The report was launched by The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) by the UN Secretary  António Guterres and Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director, on 26th October. More than 120 countries participated in the conference, along with several other environmental activists.

UN Climate Report 2021

The report discussed various issues related to climate change like trends in global emissions, G20 status/outlook, net-zero emissions target, the emission gap, COVID fiscal measures that could potentially bridge the emission gap, how anthropogenic methane could be the next best thing, and the market mechanism changes that could potentially reduce the emission gap. 

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