Where You Can & Can’t Flush Toilet Paper around the World

Elmira | 11 - 25 - 2020
Where You Can & Can’t Flush Toilet Paper around the World

If you love to explore new places or countries, you must learn these lavatory etiquettes around the world. When you travel to other countries, navigating local customs or rules seems tricky, particularly finding the proper etiquette when you use public restrooms. We have put together a handy guide that is related to flushing toilet paper.


Do Not Flush If You Visit These Countries

Are you supposed to flush toilet paper? If you ever visit the United States, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, or countries in Northern Europe you need to flush the toilet paper away. In the United States, people flush their used toilet paper down the pipe. France or Spain will permit you to flush your toilet paper.

Where to Throw Toilet Paper in the USA?
  • A. In Flush
  • B. In Toilet Bin
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. Only A

When you travel to Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Montenegro, Beijing, Morocco, Egypt, Bulgaria, and Ukraine have special toilet paper bins to place used toilet paper.


America encourages people to flush the used toilet paper.  As reported by the market forecasting firm IndexBox, the United States of America is the largest importer of toilet tissue in the world.

London and Amsterdam

If you travel to large European cities, you need to pay to use public restrooms that cover the cost of toilet paper or tip for the bathroom escort.


In Mexico, people can throw used toilet paper in bins but some of the hotels may have European-style flush toilets so keep an eye out for them.


Many places in France have toilets where you can flush used paper. French people still prefer to squat in restrooms.


China has a variety of toilets including European-style porcelain numbers and holes in the ground. So you can use the bin if it is there for the toilet paper or you can drop the paper if you find toilets with holes-in-the-ground.


Brazil follows a sewage system that can’t manage when the paper is being flushed; hence bins are provided for use.


Russian public toilets have bins to throw away the used paper because these toilets follow older facilities so they weren’t constructed to get rid of the paper. If you travel to Russia, it is better to carry your own paper when you use public restrooms.


In India, you need to put the paper in the bin provided.

North Korea 

If you ever plan to visit North Korea, make up your mind to throw the paper down the hole you use. You can also flush it in the most decadent Western-style toilets.

Saudi Arabia 

Many Arabic countries don’t provide toilet paper. If you use toilets, you will be squatting and washing in Saudi Arabia. If you use toilet paper, put it in the bin.

South Africa 

In South Africa, Public toilets do exist but not many. In cities, you can find Western-style toilets and you are permitted to flush. In the countryside and townships, you must use a bin to throw the used paper.


In many cities and resorts, you are allowed to flush the paper, or some places may ask to use the bin. In the countryside, you need to bury or burn the paper whereas, at a campsite, you need to ask them and follow the instructions.

Learn the lingo

When you travel to different countries, there is no time to learn a new language. If you are in the situation to use public restrooms, you should know the local lingo to ask for a bathroom. In France, Germany, and the Netherlands, use “water closet” or the “toilette’,’ in Australia, ask for a “dunny”, in Japan, it is called the “ben-jo,” in the U.K., you should look for the “loo.”

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