Top 6 Best Golf Course in Arizona

Ashley | 08 - 13 - 2020
Top 6 Best Golf Course in Arizona

Arizona, the 6th largest and the 14th most populous state in the United States can be divided into two parts, southern Arizona which is known for its hot and dry desert conditions, whereas, on the other hand, northern Arizona is best known for its mountain ranges and deep canyons, it also features significant snowfalls during winter. At the time, when Arizona was not even a state, there were mad golf fans for the sport. Arizona is also home to several golf courses and hence provides several stops, especially on PGA tour, for Phoenix Open. The golf industry profits around $3.4 billion annually in Arizona alone and approximately 20,000 job opportunities are created due to the increased growth of golf every year in Arizona. The United States has some of the best golf destinations, here we have listed the top 6 best golf courses in the US state of Arizona. 

1. Phoenix Country Club

It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and was founded in 1900. In 2016, it was listed in Golf Connoisseur magazine’s top 100 most prestigious private clubs in America. It is one of the oldest golf courses in Arizona. Originally, the golf course was designed by Harris Collis and was redesigned again in 2002 by Tom Lehman and John Fought. The club also features other amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and gym centers for the members of the golf course. This is the first golf course in Arizona. Initially, it was started as a nine-hole course that featured oil-soaked and dirty fairways and greens. Hence the players used a special broom-line device to clean. 

2. Quintero Golf Club

It is one of the best golf courses in Arizona. One of the major advantages of the Quintero gold club is that the visitors can stay and play. It features one of the best-decorated rooms on the grounds of the club. It offers visitors many other amenities for a stress-free golf experience. The Quintero golf club can also be used for special events and marriages. It is one of the places where visitors can experience a different level of golfing experience as it features some of the challenging holes, especially the club’s third hole which features a lake alongside. The Quintero Golf course also features different types of cacti and trees such as Saguaro, Ironwood, and Ocotillo. 

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3. The Estancia Club

The private golf course Estancia Club was designed by Tom Fazio, a golf course architect. It is an  18-hole golf course opened in 1995. You will notice that the golf course lies in-between deserts and mountains providing a peaceful golfing experience. It received the Gold Digest’s award for the best new private course of 1996. The Estancia Club is a part of the discovery land company. This golf course provides the best experience for visitors not only in playing golf but also in taking care of their guests. It covers around 640 acres of land and located at the base of Pinnacle Peak Mountain. 

4. Whisper Rock Golf Club

It is one of the most prestigious golf courses in Arizona and located in North Scottsdale. The numbers of members of the club are limited to 580 and membership is by sponsorship and invitation only. The lower course of the club was designed by PGA Tour player Phil Michelson and architect Gary Stephenson in February 2001. The upper course was designed only in January 2005 by Tom Fazio. The golf course is specially designed to play golf while enjoying the scenic beauty. 

5. Forest Highlands Golf Club

It is one of the best golf courses in Arizona. There are two golf courses in the Forest Highland, Canyon course, and the Meadow Course. The Canyon course was designed with 6 par 3s on the course by the famous duo Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish and was opened in 1988. The Meadow course was opened in 1999. The Canyon course features several holes but the 9th and the 17th holes are considered to be the best and they are known as “valley” and “Aspen”. The Forest Highland features several stunning clubhouses for every family to have the best experience.

6. Elephant Rocks at Williams

The Willams Country club was constructed by members and railway workers in 1932. Later, the city of Williams hired one of the most famous golf course designers Gary Panks. In 2000, he designed one of the most stunning golf courses in Arizona. The members wanted the golf course to stand unique, hence they named the golf course Elephant Rocks at Williams in order to feature the strange elephant-like rocks present in there. There are 7 appointed golfers in the Elephants Rocks to take care of the playing condition at the course.

Plan your family trip to one of the best golf destinations listed above! Until that play our fun golf trivia quizzes to test your knowledge.

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