What Are the NASCAR New Pit Stop Procedures?

Iris | 02 - 13 - 2020
What Are the NASCAR New Pit Stop Procedure

NASCAR has begun this year with new rules and regulations in pit stop procedures for a few Xfinity and outdoor truck series. One of the highlights sums up that no drive pit stops in select Xfinity series of 2020 just to test whether it does well.

1. Stage Breaks

There will be a full pit cycle -two chances to pit and so does for non-stage breaks except that it has only one chance to pit.

These select events will have 8 member pit crew. Only these members should be called upon to look into the car faults, to fill fuel and for driver assistance. 

1. How Many Opportunities to Pit During a Stage Break?
  • A. Three
  • B. Seven
  • C. Two
  • D. Four

2. Green Flag

During green flag the team will be allowed only to add fuel. It requires NASCAR permission to fix any damages.

3. Yellow Flag

(Non-quickie one) on oval tracks, the teams may add fuel and change two tires per pit stop. On a road, a track may either add fuel or change 4 tires per pit stop.  If the team requires both they need to take another round to pit road.

4. Quickie Yellow

The teams will have only one chance to pit. They can refuel and change the tires when the race is on the road track.

5. Time Limits

No time limits for green flag pit stops except for is a 6 minutes break for damaged vehicle policy clock. Tire changes will be allowed after the verification by the officials.

6. Restart Line-up Order

The restart line up will be based on pit strategy. The order starts from cars that didn’t pit cars that pit once, cars that pit twice, free pass vehicles, wave around vehicles followed by penalty vehicles.

7. Penalties

Any breach of these pit stop rules will result in a two-lap penalty. Exceeding the pit road and pit stop time limits will warrant the vehicle restart from the rear of the field. 

NASCAR Xfinity series technical manager Eric Peterson said that the focus remains on the Xfinity and Truck Series for these rules. “Right now there are no plans for the Cup Series,” he said.

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