What Do You Know About the Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Update?

Julia | 12 - 22 - 2020
the Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Update?

FDA announces its latest emergency usage vaccine prepared by Pfizer and BioNtech company. We all know that the death rate of Coronavirus victims is at its peak since last December. Even Though people started adapting to this new normal there is a question in every people’s mind “when will a vaccine be available for coronavirus?” and what is the latest news about the COVID-19 vaccine update?

There are several countries that are at the development stage and the final stage of the Coronavirus vaccination research. More than 23 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax Inc, Heat Biologics, Sanofi, etc., are in the process of developing vaccines. At the same time bringing the vaccine to the field is not an easy task. 

Many scientists and researchers said that developing a vaccine in a short period of time is not a joke. It might take up to 1 year to create a vaccine and it will take more than 6 months to bring it to the market. Numerous processes, trials, and approvals are required before launching the vaccine. 

Approximately How Long Will It Take to Create a COVID-19 Vaccine?
  • A. 6 months
  • B. 1 year
  • C. 2 years
  • D. None of the Above

Here are the two most popular vaccines created for COVID-19. 

  • Sputnik – Ⅴ
  • Pfizer vaccine 

Sputnik Ⅴ 

Sputnik Ⅴ is the world’s first-ever vaccine created for COVID-19 by Russia. It was the first Coronavirus vaccine founded by Russia’s Gamaleya National center of epidemiology and microbiology in a short period of time. This vaccine is based on the human adenoviral vector the common cold is caused by this virus only which stimulates the immune response in our body. This vaccine is supposed to be given in two different doses such as rAD26  and rAD5 with a gap of 21 days. Even Though this Vaccine has received a certification from the Russian ministry of health still they were not allowed to be used until January 2021. The latest Sputnik Ⅴ COVID-19 vaccine update is that the third phase trial will soon be started.

Pfizer Vaccine 

The Pfizer vaccine is a new type of vaccine which was developed by using messenger RNA or mRNA which brings out the immune response in the human body to fight against the coronavirus. Pfizer with the german biotech company named BioNtech developed the Pfizer vaccine. This vaccine also has 90 percent of effective results among the COVID-19 victims and persons above the age of 50. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the emergency use of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine on COVID-19 victims above the age of 16 years and older.


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