What Is Tesla’s New Product?

Ashley | 07 - 15 - 2021
Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Tesla has been unstoppable with its futuristic inventions and innovations. What is Tesla’s new product launched amidst the world crisis? 

Tesla 2020

Tesla had previously announced in 2020 that it had been investing its resources in building ventilators for hospitals through car parts and was successful in making 2 prototypes. It had delivered these ventilators after FDA’s approval to 50 hospitals during the pandemic. Tesla had also announced 5 other product launches in 2020 that comprised Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S Refresh and Plaid, Tesla Semi, New Tesla Battery, and Tesla App Store.  

Tesla 2021

 Launching a product in 2020 could have been easy because the onset of the pandemic was experienced by mid-year. But Tesla’s new product launch of 2021 was challenging for the electric car manufacturer given the scarcity of resources.

What Is Tesla’s Slogan?
  • A. Ride Cool
  • B. Ride Free
  • C. Ride Smooth
  • D. Ride Pro

Tesla New Product Announcement 

Team Musk may be talented but they are a little off when it comes to following deadlines. Here are the products launched or set to launch in 2021:

  1. Tesla Models S Plaid Plus
  2. Tesla Cybertruck
  3. Tesla Roadster
  4. Tesla Semi (It was launched in 2017,2019,2020  but will be available in the markets by 2021, hopefully)

Tesla Future Plans

Tesla is currently investing in developing a Gigafactory in Nevada, Berlin, and Texas to control its manufacturing car batteries. The site in Austin will become Tesla’s first plant built from scratch and will supply the Eastern US. 

Tesla has also been planning to manufacture electric cars as cheap as $25,000. Elon Musk had shared this idea in a Battery Day celebration at the firm. It is also expecting to increase its deliveries by 50% in the future. 

Tesla Future Models

Apart from the Gigafactory, Tesla has also a few futuristic products on its to-do list and they are:

  1. A new product for China based on its Model 3
  2. To upgrade Model 3, S, X, and Y
  3. Cybersquad
  4. Tesla Roadster (2nd gen)
  5. Everything that will help you ride free.

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