What State Has the Most Golf Courses?

Ashley | 07 - 24 - 2020
What State Has the Most Golf Courses

Florida, the SunShine state is not only known for dreamy beaches, Disney World, and most welcoming tourist places, it is a state with most golf courses in the entire country. It is the favorite place for the American golfers as it has more than 1250 golf courses. It is a state with most golf courses per capita and some of them are public but most of them are privately owned and require effort to enter.

Here is a list of top 10 golf courses in the state with most gold courses, Florida.


It is one of the best golf courses in Juno Beach, Florida. It was originally designed by Donald Ross in the 1920s in America’s deepest south. It is known for its finest gold routings. Seminole is designed to have all the best features of a perfect golf course. It is ranked as one of the top 100 golf courses in the United States. It has always been a completely private course but the first time in 90 years the Taylor Made Driving Relief Skins match was televised due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

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TPC Sawgrass

It is one of the most famous and largest golf courses located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. TPC Sawgrass is a top-ranked golf course in Florida by Golf Golfweek magazine. The golf course is around 40 years old and has two separate courses- Stadium course and the Valley course. Both of these courses were designed by the architect Pete Dye. Unlike Seminole, they are open for the public to enjoy. It is a perfect place for a golf vacation as TPC Sawgrass also features many top-class restaurants, charitable organizations, and also provides memberships.

Calusa Pines

It is often ranked behind the TPC Sawgrass as the third best golf course. It is ranked 5th in Florida on the golf course Guru’s best in the state list. Despite a flat side, Gary Chensoff, Calusa’s developer instructed Michael Hurdzen and Dana Fry, designers of Calusa Pines to design it in a unique way. It was built in 2001 and is a private golf course so you need to befriend a member of Calusa Pines to enter.


Streamsong is a golf and spa resort. If you are a golf lover then Streamsong is a must-visit while you are on your golf vacation. It was designed by Bill Coore and Ben Genshaw in 2012. It is considered as one of their finest works as the Streamsong is extremely creative. It has three courses called Red, Blue, and Black. It was listed in the top 40 public courses in the world in 2013. They also offer fishing, clay-shooting, etc.

Jupiter Hills

It was established in 1969 and was designed by William Clay Ford and George Fazio. In the beginning, Mr. Fazio designed and constructed the Hills course first and later constructed the Village course. The primary goal of the golf course is to preserve traditional golf. They are designed in such a way that players can get the opportunity to play with Mother Nature. If you want to play golf peacefully then you must plan your next trip to Jupiter Hills.

The Concession Golf course

It is one of the most popular private golf courses in Florida. The 520 acres of golf course is considered the signature of Jack Nicklaus and it is a nature-rich design. The design of the golf course is a collaboration between Tony Jacklin and Jack Nicklaus. It is the only golf course in the world that is designed by such a unique collaboration. It is built to honor the moment that has been referred to as the “greatest single sporting gesture ever”.

The Bear’s Club

It is one of the most privileged golf courses in Florida. It was founded in 1999 by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus. It provides its members with world-class golf experience. It is designed to play golf tournaments, the primary goal of the golf course to provide all the high-class features to the members. It is voted to be one of the world’s elite private golf clubs.

Mountain Lake Club, Lake Wales

It is located in the central Florida Lake Region. The Mountain Lake was developed by Baltimorean Fredrick Ruth. The mountain lake was founded in 1915. The 600 acres of property were designed as residences by Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr. who is the son of the father of American Landscape architecture. The golf course was designed by Seth Raynor in 1916. The golf course is considered to have one of the best routings in the city.

Here is a list of the top 5 golf destinations in the United States. Read interesting facts and play entertaining trivia quizzes.

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